Fanpop's Got Talent 2014 Quarter Finals
Hello fanpoppers,
Today I Iti Shree the official holder of Fanpop's Got Talent is going to announce winners of each categories.
First of all I wanna thank s\all the participants of entering in this annual contest and montrer so much of enthusiasm. I wanna thank volunteers for promoting this event on such a large scale, I wanna thank judges for being much responsible and dedicated towards their duties.

At last I wanna thank fanpop Four for promoting us and helping us so much, without them this couldn't have been possible.

Now I may start congratulating and wishing best of luck for the future to those who made it to the quarter finals.

FGT Haiku Section 2014's winner snsdlover4ever

Congrats to snsdlover4ever for winning Haiku Section


I am really prous that this Haiku won and probably it's amazing, not only judges admired this but fans too complemented it. There were two amazing Haiku entries this an and she won it.

FGT 2014 Haiku Section judges - link and link

FGT Singin Section 2014's winner florajames

We all know that there was only one entry in this category though many did registered but they didn't soumis their work, I won't criticize them because I know we all got our lives but I hope when people register they'll try to do what they said. winning isn't what matters, it's participating and giving our best what really does matter. Anyway florajames really did an incredible job.And of course I will congrats her.

FGT 2014 chant Judges - link, link and link

Congrats to our little amazing singer florajames

FGT 2014 fan fiction Section haut, retour au début 3 Entries

This an there were so many amazing entries in this category we all were too pleased to see that. Three contestants made it to the haut, retour au début 3 and they are:-




We saw amazing writers in FGT 2014

Now there's a really big surprise for one of the contestants which were mentioned par the three judges along with other two.

The three fics which were mentioned par judges were

silverexorcis - Violent Misconceptions
Princess-Flora - Blown Away
HaleyDewit - The Host

These three are really amazing and I wanna congrat them too.
And one entry is taken into for quarter finals that entry is Princess-Flora's Blown Away.I thought that we must give that fic a chance and I wanna tell toi I did read all the three fics.

So link is in the quarter finals.

Judges for FGT 2014 FF Section :




haut, retour au début 3 entries for FGT 2014 Drawing and Digital Arts


Nerdbuster2's entry


-Aay_V-'s Secret Door


rorowinx's La Reine des Neiges

Judges for Drawings and Digital Arts -


At last I wanna thank all the volunteers and fans


Please vote for your favori fiction and your favori art work par commenting for them in the picks