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 Your mind tricks you!!
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These are 2 very interesting images that montrer how the mind tricks you, sorry if this is not the best spot for them i just though plus people would see them on a better spot like this.
We all are really happy when we get médailles for the spots. It shows that other people appreciate our contributions. So here are some advices of how to get a medal.
1) The most importante rule: don't get obssesed with getting a medal. Add just interesting things so people could like it! toi add things to the spot for people not for medals. Medal is just a lovely surprise for your work!
2) Find spots toi like.
3) Start contributing things on the spot.
4)You can get a medal if people rate your stuff. What can we rate? Right: videos, links, articles and images.
5)Add interesting links, because if it's...
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A Tribute to some of my favori Christian movies. 1:The Ten Commandments 2:Passion Of The Christ 3:Do toi Believe? 4:God's Not Dead 1+2
Jésus christ
the lord
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fanpop is supposed to be a fun place for people to share their ideas, ask questions and find out about some information, but lately fanpop is just used for people to like toi ou for toi to be the best.

I know everybody likes being good and having lots of fans but that's not the point of fanpop.Infact one person even did a pick that a dit do toi like me!

I also have seen that their have been alot of arguments over fanpop in alot of spots which is ruining it for everyone.
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This is a quick guide to using the new IM and Chat beta launch.

Rooms Tab:
The global-chat is open to all registered fans.

There is another room that is reserved for users of a certain level, and you'll also see that in the Rooms tab. In the past, we've had a few aléatoire people come in and hit on the people in the chat rooms, so the reserved room should be relatively free of such riff-raff.

Contact Tab:
Setting custom status messages: click on the pencil, and type away!

Turning off chat: Click on the bubble suivant to "I am online" and click on the red "Log out" option on the menu.

Contacts are your mutual...
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OK guys! Today we'll talk about ratings! Many of us contribute things to fanpop and it's great!!! Because we are working on it! We are looking for images, videos, liens to help other people! But it happens a lot that some people rate it low!!! toi know it sucks when you've being searching for something, contributing it and HERE toi ARE - toi see one étoile, star rating for all toi did!!! I don't understsand such people. If toi don't like the content DON'T rate it at all!!!! ou at least leave comments!!! Here's the example I uploaded images on spot A. I did a great job looking for them! After I was waiting so they could mettre en ligne on Fanpop. And in an heure I see one étoile, star rating which means garbage!!! It is so insulting! I'm sure toi guys had the same situaions. We can do nothing about it. But people, APPRECIATE other Fanpoppers. Don't visit the spots toi hate, don't hurt people toi hate, DON'T RATE LOW! Please, fanpop is one and there are a lot of us so let's live in peace:)
Big news! I, personally have sent an application for a new article for fanpop on Wikipedia! Hopefully, within the month, fanpop will have a Wikipedia article for toi all to check out and add onto! Additionally, this may help make fanpop plus well known.

Boy, I can almost TASTE it- a big, beefy record of history about Fanpop's past, present, and future!

If toi want to see proof, just click this link.

Just scroll down to the little Internet section.
 Spread the word about fanpop to all your friends!
Spread the word about Fanpop to all your friends!
So you've stumbled upon fanpop because toi were Googling ou clicked on a link somewhere. The suivant thing toi know toi start joining a few spots that you're a fan of...then plus spots...and even plus spots. For spots toi can't find, toi might even start creating new spots. Then toi start adding videos, images and liens to spots. toi discover Picks and can't stop answering questions in all your spots (and even some spots that you're not even a fan of!). toi start making picks and even écriture soapbox articles. All of the sudden people are adding toi as a fan and you're earning médailles and getting...
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