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 Your mind tricks you!!
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These are 2 very interesting images that montrer how the mind tricks you, sorry if this is not the best spot for them i just though plus people would see them on a better spot like this.
[note: when I first made this article "clubs" were called "spots" so just imagine anything that says "spot" actually says "club" ;)]

Well it seems like people are always asking how so here is a step par step guide on how to with images, yay! (there is a little thing in the faq but people seem to relate to images better)

Step 1: Make sure toi are on the fanpop main page

Step 2: chercher for the spot first so there are no duplicates (if not then go back to the main page)

Step 3: Scroll down till toi see this image and click "create new spot"

Step 4: Type in the name of the spot...
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50% of fanpoppers that took my pick 'Do toi like the black background of fanpops homepage?' picked no.

I'm one of the fanpoppers that picked yes and i'll explain why.

The old background was okay, but its main couleurs were blue and green; two couleurs that don't go together. But the black background doesn't have any couleurs that do not match.

The black background is easier on the eye, plus stylish and makes toi feel plus relaxed. The old background seems plus tacky.

I'm sure that homepage will change back to its old blue and green theme as fanpoppers think the black background is 'against the spirit...
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salut guys i couldn't really find a link ou anything about the fanpop chat, so this is basically my guide about the functions, a bit about etiquette and a few tips thrown in here and there. I have also researched a liste of all the meebo emotions and all the different keyboard shortcuts for the users that where asking, hopefully some of toi will find it useful. toi don't need to check everything out, although it appears lengthier than it is, everything is, as always set in to subheadings for those of toi who like to scan articles :D, enjoy.

The rooms

The rooms are ran par a company called meebo and...
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