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♥♥This is my third tutorial on this so I won't be giving toi anymore liens ou letting toi know how to make bold, italic, ou underlined font toi can click either ou link ou link to see resources and how to do these things♥♥

Part 1: This part is the 'Name' part what I did with my name was- ♥♥♥♥••• נσнαηηαн •••♥♥♥♥ - just éditer and past the keyboard symols and do the same with the name which toi can find out how to give your name that font par checking out my précédant tutorails.

Part 2: For the seconde part which I liked to call the 'Favorites' part I used...
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The Fanwhore: Have toi ever been added par someone, and then when toi went to their profil to possibly add them back, saw only posts with things like "Thanks for the add!" as far as the eye could see? Congrats, you've just met a Fanwhore. This person is pretty much just obsessed with getting fans. They can spend hours adding people, and will usually add back anyone who adds them. They tend to have obscenely large numbers of fans, and to get them obscenely fast. Can go ballistic if they haven't gained at least five new fans in the last hour.
Also, some Fanwhores tend to reform after a while,...
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posted by ginei_werewolf
On some clubs this is not a problem. However in plus active spots people tend to check mark the box so people will view their pick more. It is VERY stupid there is three types of picks spoiler, not spoiler, and ones that need to be marked spoiler. I shall now give some examples of each.

Ones that are marked but shouldn't be

1 link

2 link

3 link

AS toi can see these when opened are just normal favori character questions not spoiler.

Ones that need to be checked but aren't

1 link

2 link

3 link

Yes I created these in case
you were wondering.
They are innocent however i forgot to check the spoiler box so...
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Sign your name in the commentaires if toi want to old fanpop back!

That means we don't want a stupid wall!!

that means put it back the way it was!!

that means we hate the new thing!!

that means the images will montrer up again!!

that means are computers will run faster again!(yes, if toi haven't noticed, the walls make our computer run slow on fanpop)!

that means we don't have to get used to the new way!!

that means WE WANT OUR fanpop BACK!!!!!!!!!

people who've signed:

may toi also send fanpop a message telling them we want old fanpop back.