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Dino Skateboard Fail

Your Grammar Sucks #100

How To Deal With Haters In 5 Easy Steps

Best of Your Grammar Sucks

Trampoline Fails

Ultimate Fail Compliation 2012

Giving free iPad's to middle schoolers

Catch the ice Dude

Jésus take the Wii [Karaoke FAIL]

Korean guy sings Justin Bieber's Baby [Engrish FAIL]

Stupid Quiestion



haut, retour au début 7 FAILS OF HISTORY

Just watch it...

Microsoft Surface presentation FAIL

Like a boss! FAIL!

Iraq Jumping Jacks FAIL!

Military FAIL!

What the hell?!!

Lion King Toy Fail!

Toy Fail!


News Reporter Fail Compilation 2011 || YDL

Trivial Pursuit Experiment - Who's Smarter than Who?

Skateboard fail

patin, patinage park fail

Pool flip fail

Lake dive fail

Surfing fail

Flowboard competition fail

Surfboard on roof fail

Best. Video. Ever

Man Falls In Toilet, Pugs' Revenge

Epic Fail

I wouldnt want to be them...

I wouldn't want to be him.

football fail.

Epic parking fail

Guy On Treadmill

Are U Stupid? Noooooooooooooooo Husky Talking

Pug In Toilet

Pug Playing Keyboard

Where's The Chapstick?!?


Treadmill fail

Single Ladies gone wrong

Huntsville Rapist lit Intruder Song

Best Cry Ever hip hop remix

Sittin On Tha Toilet

Girl Cry Cause Of chats

Model Don't Know How To Walk In High Heels

Girl getting annoyed because she can't sing the right notes

Best Cry Ever

Failblog montage

Trampoline fails

Scooter fail

Treadmill fail

A Woman's Reaction to a Breaking Dawn Trailer (mega fail alert!)

montrer How Dumb George buisson, bush Really Is

This guy failed so bad that it's not even funny.

Funny fails

Painful yet extremely funny fails

Guy runs into mur

Best of FAILS 2011 Compilation

Best of FAILS 2010 Compilation

Skateboarding fails

Dating fail

Failures of Youtube 5

Go! Bwaah!

Quicksand Fail

Airbag Fail, Old Lady Win

Driving On Ice Fail

baleine Fail

Intelligence Fail

bateau MEGA Fail

kayak Fail

pizza Delivery Fail

Military Fail

Unfortunate Looking Slide Fail

Gun Safety Fail

Cat Fail

Parking break Fail

Robbery - Epic Fail

Korean guy chant Mariah Carey - Englisch FAIL

Parking Fail

FAIL: curb right outside a Serbian hospital makes everyone trip