fanpop FAIL! #1. Thing toi Dislike In FP Clubs:

Pick one:
Non-Member Personal Pic/s added to photos -often derpy [form of SPAM]
[Boosting] People who get Friends to fan their links, images, etc 4 médailles
[Trolls] Oft no icon, no clubs.. who post an inappropriate question etc
[Creepers] who just oddly lurk - never commentaire
Scary peeps . . .
People who post something rude ou inappropriate to a club's mur
Desperate people who ask for sexting, gf/bfs, ou real pics, & sexual things
People who try to slip in dirty images ou porn
Duplicates ou fudged up votes & questions w/misspellings & poor grammar
Bullies who pop up out of nowhere & hide behind the internet
Fiendish behavior for fun, not caring about Fp, ou others, feelings, ou policies
Drama, dramatic people/scenes
[Spammers] Promoting websites, products, other clubs/themself.
People who police ou think they are the po-po
People who rejoindre but are not active ou never do anyting ou are apathetic
People who are too young for fp ou should not be in the club
People who flaunt ~
People who only care about médailles
Attention seekers
ALL Of The Above
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Most of them
Most of them
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 Sinna_Hime_chan posted il y a plus d’un an
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