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le choix des fans: They're just annoying in general
le choix des fans: A few years il y a
A few years il y a
None of these options, I will...
le choix des fans: → hey! i'm here
le choix des fans: ➢ sure
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ShadowFan100 a dit …
When was the last time anyone tried to contact the fanpop admin(s)? Have toi heard back from them recently? I only ask because I wanted to contact them myself, but I didn't think it would do any good. posté il y a 6 jours
ktichenor commenté…
I contacted them I think a an il y a about a problem. I didn't hear from them, directly but eventually the issue was resolved (how and par who I'm not sure). Basically, if toi want to contact one of them, I can't promise you'll hear from them but toi might get a result. il y a 6 jours
ktichenor commenté…
Oh and if toi do decide to contact them, toi might have to do it several times. That's how I try to gain their attention about a problem especially if it's serious. il y a 6 jours
ShadowFan100 commenté…
I just sent 2 emails to them, each about different issues. Hopefully it works, but I'm not holding my breath. il y a 5 jours
ktichenor commenté…
Well, I hope it works out for ya'. Good luck! il y a 5 jours
HaleyDewit a dit …
Anyone else having trouble uploading pictures to their profile? posté il y a 10 jours
ktichenor commenté…
I'm having trouble uploading any images, period! (ugh!) il y a 9 jours
ShadowFan100 commenté…
No, but my issue is simply uploading an image to the image section of clubs. Like, it deletes one, and forces me to mettre en ligne 1 at a time sometimes. This glitch needs to be fixed ASAP. il y a 7 jours
ktichenor commenté…
^Agreed! il y a 7 jours
Phoenix98 a dit …
Just recently got back on here after a long time of being away and sadly it seems that not a lot of people use this site anymore either. I see some activity but not very much like I used to and much of the content/post are from over a an ago. I hope something can be done to save this site like updates, renovations, improvements maybe? I dunno..something to at least bring people back and bring new people on. Hate seeing this site so ghostly posté il y a 25 jours
Lunar-Knight0 commenté…
I noticed that it’s really quiet even whattpad commentaires section is plus lively and I just joined 2 days il y a il y a 24 jours
Flickerflame commenté…
I think it depends which fanpop clubs toi visited. There are some with daily activity, and others which don't have mises à jour for years ou only have one active member. il y a 19 jours