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 Mary Sue breeds
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These are all picture I made (on Sabrina's Candydoll Maker) of the different breeds of Mary Sue. Some of them aren't as accurate as I'd like, but dollmakers have their limits.
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Meg was standing in front of a modern looking building. She pressed the intercom suivant to the door.
“Yes?” a female voice answered and Meg recognized it.
“Good evening, …ma’am” Meg said. Politeness was something new to her. “We met this afternoon, outside the temp job office. toi a dit toi might have work for me”
A short silence followed.
“Of course” the woman a dit slowly. “Why don’t toi come in? Just up the stairs” The woman hung up and a buzzing sound was heard. Meg pushed the door open and walked up the white stairs which was right in front of her.
Upstairs the woman...
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Damon and Elena were lying on the bed, Elena’s head resting on Damon’s chest. “I believe we’ve been here before” Elena mumbled.
“Hmm” Damon confirmed. “Do toi remember what toi a dit back then?”
Elena relegated on the lit and closed her eyes. “I a dit I wouldn’t leave you, that I would stay with toi until the very end”
Elena felt a teardrop on her head, but she didn’t look up. “Promise me toi won’t leave now either”
“I promise” Elena whispered and she pinched Damon’s hand. She knew it was a lie. She knew that no matter how much medication she was taking, the...
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Elena, Jeremy and Ric were sitting at the cuisine table, tableau having dinner. Well, Jeremy was eating. Elena was stirring in her nourriture and Alaric was looking at her.
“If toi wanted mashed potatoes toi could’ve asked” he said. Elena looked up distracted. “What? No, it’s good. It’s really nice” she said.
“How would toi know?” Alaric asked. “You didn’t eat yet”
“It looks really nice” Elena a dit shrugging.
“If you’re not hungry, that’s fine” Alaric said. “You don’t have to eat. But if there’s something else, I want toi to tell me”
Elena looked down at her plate,...
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I close the door behind me and saw Gaz and GIR playing together on a video game "hey Gaz" Gaz look at me than back to the tv "hey bad.. Oh yeah the tallest wanted to speak to toi about how things going" I close one eye "um yes I will call him when I get my plans settle to rule this world "yeah whatever" I bite my bottom lip not to yell at her.. So I walk to my base but

When I can I turn around and saw GIR having fun with Gaz on the video game *i never saw GIR that happy like that before* I went down to my base and siège in a chair and look at all my plans I did but fail par those dibs worm baby's...
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I woke up with the same clothes I had on last night. I felt disoriented for the first couple of minutes when I awoke, with my head feeling like it was going to explode at any minute. I looked around me to see everybody that attended the party either knocked out, asleep ou dead on the bedroom floor. "Bedroom?" I thought, "What am I doing in the bedroom?" I turned my head to see someones' head facing the opposite direction so I couldn't see the face but I knew it was boy due to the body shape. I noticed that I was on the lit but thankfully my...
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The look of love
There he was as bright as the sun,
Giving me the look of l’amour and grabbing my attention.
We fell for one another’s charm as we spent time alone,
Days and weeks past and we were as happy as ever before,
He a dit he loved me and there was nobody else for him.

But there she was as beautiful as ever,
Staring at him from the other side of the room, giving him the look.
He fell for her charm and beauty which I didn’t own,
I saw him slowly slipping away from me and drifting apart,
He a dit he liked her and there was nobody else for him.

They went out every night and spent time alone,
I saw...
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Bonnie turned to Keith. “Have toi ever been in this house before?” Keith nodded heavy. “Okay, find me five candles and something to lit them” Keith ran off to fetch those things and Bonnie walked to the cupboard. She opened the drawers and searched them until she found a piece of paper and a pen.
“What are toi up to?” Matt asked both curious and fascinated. While Bonnie wrote something down she explained.
“Months il y a I put a curse on Damon to keep him in check. I could follow his every word and move”
“Yeah, I know”
“It turns out there are some leftovers from that curse”...
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7.40 pm
Katherine watched Elena jumping into Damon’s car and Damon driving away. She knew now was her turn and an evil grin appeared on her face. She stuck her hand in her pocket and conjured a box named Sonata, which she had swiped from Jeremy.
“Elena got what?”
Stefan and Katherine turned around. Jeremy was standing in the doorway of the kitchen.
“Jeremy, please let me explain. But not here. Let’s go to the cuisine where we can talk in private” Stefan a dit and he went into the kitchen, Jeremy following him. Katherine, however, stayed behind. While Stefan filled Jeremy in on what...
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“You should go see a doctor”
Elena and Damon were sitting at the cuisine table, tableau with the first aid kit in the center. Elena had tried to bandage Damon’s finger, but the bandage didn’t want to cooperate.
“I can’t go to a doctor, I’m a vampire” Damon said. “And it’s broken, a first aid kit is not going to help”
“But doesn’t it hurt?” Elena asked compassionate.
“It’s okay” Damon said. Bonnie had made the pain lighter, just like she did with the whole jinx, but of course she couldn’t take it away completely. For that she had to die and since he couldn’t kill...
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“How is he?” Derek asked as soon as Damon and Elena entered the Boarding House.
“I’m right here” Damon said. He walked to the canapé and sank down. Elena sat down suivant to him and looked at Derek. “Hey, could toi go and get some blood”
“Yeah, sure” Derek nodded and he rushed to the basement.
“You feeling better?” Elena asked concerned, taking Damon’s hand.
“I’m fine” Damon a dit short. “Why were toi in the hospital?”
Elena looked away. Then she looked back. “Who told toi that?”
“Who do toi think?” Damon smirked. “He told me not to come, but I’m a little...
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“There has to be a way out of here” Dean a dit frustrated.
“You think we haven’t tried to find one?” Ellen fired back.
“Not hard enough” Dean snapped. He turned to Anna. “If a fallen Angel who’s literally Lost his mind can zap himself out of here then why can’t toi do something?”
Anna frowned her eyebrows. “You are not putting this on me” she a dit angry. “Crazy ou not, Cas is a lot plus powerful than I am. But I don’t think Cas actually zapped himself out of here. I think someone brought him back to earth. We can’t all be daddy’s favorite” Anna finished with...
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“Little harder, Stefan. We don’t want to make it too hard for Klaus to track us down” Katherine sarcastically said. She and Stefan were back in the woods, trying to find Amber and Kelsey.
“Klaus is the least of our worries right now” Stefan said. “He’s not going after us now”
“How d’you know? toi can read his mind?” Katherine a dit snarky.
“He could’ve killed us last night, but he didn’t”
“Yeah, because we got away”
“But if he wanted to kill us, he could’ve easily” Stefan said. “He’s not after us. Not now anyway”
Katherine shook her head....
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The sun was almost down and Stefan and Amber were once again sitting with each other. Now that Klaus knew they were just Friends he didn’t find it necessary to send someone spying on them. He wanted Stefan to be his most loyal servant and he wanted to trust him. His closeness to Amber was alarming, but on the other hand Stefan wouldn’t be so stupid to go against Klaus’ wishes, knowing what could possibly be the consequences. No one would stop him if he went after Damon, ou worse Elena. No, Stefan wouldn’t take that chance.
He couldn’t be plus wrong. He watched Stefan and Amber talking,...
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