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 Mary Sue breeds
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These are all picture I made (on Sabrina's Candydoll Maker) of the different breeds of Mary Sue. Some of them aren't as accurate as I'd like, but dollmakers have their limits.
fan fiction
mary sue
Caroline was sitting at the bar in Mystic Grill, waiting for Derek. She had spotted him in the café a lot lately, but she had always thought he was just hanging around. Now she knew better. Derek didn’t just hang around. He kept his eyes and ears open to make sure he absorbed every important detail any of them a dit and then he’d hurry back to Veronica to spill the gossip.
The door opened and Derek appeared. He noticed Caroline at the bar and he sensed trouble, but as fast as he was, Caroline was faster. She grabbed his collier and forced him toward the men’s room.
“Hi, babe” a guy...
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“So this is where people go these days to be social” Rebekah a dit looking around in the Grill.
“Well, it’s definitely the most populaire establishment in town” Stefan replied.
“Don’t toi mean the only establishment?” Rebekah a dit disdainful. Stefan emptied his glass. “You want another shot?” he asked.
“Sure, keep them coming” Rebekah smiled. She emptied her glass, as well as the seconde and the third. “How long does it take for toi to get drunk?”
“Why?” Stefan asked. “You have plans for me?”
A smirk appeared on Rebekah’s face. “Well, if toi come with me, I...
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Night came in and both Elena and Damon were getting ready to go to sleep. Elena, wearing pajamas with a teddy print on it, was standing in the doorway of her room. “You want to come in?” she asked teasing. Damon had this ludicrous…rule they had to sleep in separate rooms. It was so not Damon. “We can sleep together” Elena tried with chiot eyes. Damon walked to her and kissed her. Elena wanted to pull him inside, but he braced. “Oh, come on” she groaned, her lips still touching his.
“I’m not doing it, Elena, not tonight” Damon a dit and he kissed her again. Elena took of her...
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Damon got up and pulled Elena up. He brought her to edge of the roof where he looked down. He looked back at Elena. “Do toi trust me?” he asked, reaching out his hand. This time Elena didn’t hesitate. “Of course I trust you” She lay her hand in his and Damon lifted her in his arms. He stepped on the edge and jumped. They landed soft on the ground and after holding Elena in his arms a few secondes he put her down. Elena stared at his lips as if she had to restrain herself from s’embrasser them.
Then everything happened really fast. Damon gasped and his eyes bulged. Someone grabbed Elena’s...
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posted by marvel517639
K so i was thinking that it's 13 years later and all the loups have imprinted except for seth. Jake and Nessie. Quil and Clarie. Sam and Emily and have one boy Alex Uley. Paul and Rachel. My friend Karen is a Shapeshifter Werewolf Eri Raeka and Brady. My friend sharon a hybrid and Collin. Jared and Kim. Leah and nahuel. My friend Natalia a hybrid and embry. Edward and Bella. Emmett and Rosalie. Alice and Jasper. Esme and Carlisle.Lydia is a vampire Hope Collins and micheal a human. They live in fork washington still. Nessie, natalia, Sharon, Eri, Clarie. Lydia and micheal are in their last...
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Jeremy and Jenna were standing in Bonnies living room and Jeremy remembered the scene. “Bonnie, you’re freezing. What’s going on?” he asked deeply concerned. Bonnie looked him in the eyes and hers looked as cold as her body felt. “Look, Jeremy, the light’s off because it’s hurting my eyes, I’m wearing so many clothes because I’m freezing. And I’m covering my ears because I’m having a terrible headache and I just can’t take your lousy crap right now. So, I repeat, can toi get lost?” “Let me help you” Jeremy begged. “You can’t help me. I can only help myself”...
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A video about my original wizard/werewolf character who I created into the Harry Potter world.
Harry Potter
original character
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Meg sat on her knees, outside the police station. With her right hand she held her stomach and with her left she tried to pull herself up on the wall. She closed her eyes and focused.
Meg opened her eyes and saw Sam walking in her direction. He helped her up, while Dean frowned.
“How did toi get out?” he wanted to know.
Sam helped Meg to the couch, but she refused to lie down. She groaned from the pain.
“What is wrong with you?” Dean asked.
“Daphne attacked me” Meg a dit difficult. “My stomach hurts, my hands hurt”
“Cas’ ex attacked you, why?” Sam asked surprised.
“It’s not her fault” Meg said. “Zoey manipulated her. Where’s Cas?”
Sam looked at Dean, who scratched his head.
“Please, tell me toi know where he is” Meg a dit weak.
posted by LuvTesh

"WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!" I scram as I danced on the table, tableau little a mad person. "GO CAMERON! GO GO GO!!!!" Monnique yelled cheering me on. "What the hell is going on?" Dianna asked. "CAMERON?" she wondered in shock. "What is she- I saw her hanging out with Jake a while ago." Craig said. "Where's Jake?" Dianna asked. "He's out at the store, went to but plus drinks cause we were running out." Raquan said. "Do toi see her up there? She rocking it!" Monnique says with a smile. "No, this isn't what I meant! Cameron doesn't drink." Dianna said. "C'mon, just a little alcohol,...
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Elena and Damon were walking back home. They had spent the rest of the jour at The Grill and Elena had beaten Damon in a darts game. A small part of him wished she could stay this way. She was fun, she liked hanging out with him and she didn’t talk about Stefan that much. But he fell in l’amour with the real Elena. The one that saved his life and that stayed with him while he was sick from Tyler’s attack. Elena clung on his arm and shoved with her feet. “My legs hurt” she moaned. She looked up at Damon, with a chiot stare in her eyes. “Don’t look at me like that” Damon a dit teasing....
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Present Day
Jeremy was brushing his teeth when he saw Anna’s reflection in the mirror. He should have startled, but he just spit out the toothpaste and washed his mouth. “When I turn around you’ll be gone, won’t you?” he said. He saw Anna shrugging her shoulders. “You’ll never know if toi don’t try” she said. Jeremy turned around and to his surprise Anna was still standing par the window-ledge. “How is this possible?” Jeremy asked. “How can toi be standing there while I know you’re dead? I saw how they took you. And Damon a dit they killed you” Anna looked down. “Damon...
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posted by arkayhatake
As he stared blankly at the exam, his cœur, coeur was in his throat. This paper could very well be the difference between fulfilling his dream of becoming hokagae ou staying a weak little genin for the rest of his life. Naruto was fully aware of this, and could feel the thick beads of sweat pouring off him as the minutes went by.
An heure was the allowed time for this test, (and with a proctor like Ibiki Morino, thats pretty generous) they were on the final few minutes, then that all important "tenth question" would be given. The rules were yet to be explained, but at this point in time, the rules...
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posted by cynder1
(Ahh there's ember) flame thought flame went over to ember and a dit 'ember...i have to talk to u' 'wat is it' i-i l’amour u' 'u wat?!' 'i l’amour u' 'ohhhhh flame i-i don't know wat to say' 'well do u l’amour me too?' 'yes! yes! i do' 'so can we be ...mates?' 'yes' 'baby i l’amour u' 'are u over spyro now' 'yes cause he has cynder and he will never change his mind' 'now lets get a room together' 'okay'
-hi im da narrator
-(spyro) hi narrator
-(cynder) dude whut is rong wit u?
-(me) .........o m g ur cynder and ur spyro???
-(spyro and cynder) yep!
- im glad ember dont like u again spyro
-i am glad too WOOT!!!!
-oooh suivant chap could change dat!
trailer for chapter 6 of my TVD story The Host :)
Vampire Diaries
fan fiction
the host
chapter 6 the letter
may 24 2012
As I was looking up some things of what humans like I heard a big bang and every thing shaking "oh what in the world of humans!?" I went upstairs and saw Gaz and GIR looking at the big box outside my door and a creepy smile came to my lips "Yes it's here my Doomer!" I ran to it and push GIR and Gaz out my way and let them fall to the ground "aghh?! damn bad watch where toi going!" Gaz stop and saw me s’embrasser and hugging the
Huge box and open one eye and look at GIR on ground "HI FLOOR MAKE ME SOME THING GREAT!" Gaz roll her eyes and grab GIR and drag him inside the house "well...
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“Goodnight!” Derek a dit as he entered his new bedroom.
Damon and Elena were standing with their backs to each other, getting undressed. Elena slowly rotated her head and peaked over her shoulder. Damon had taken of his chemise and Elena swallowed. She’d never get used to that body. She shook her head and looked eyes front again. As she took out her haut, retour au début Damon slowly looked over his shoulder. She had laid her hair over her shoulder and he noticed she was wearing a dark purple bra. Damon imagined how he walked to her. He slowly went with his hand over her back and opened her bra. His fingers...
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Crowley had summoned Kevin and since Kevin couldn’t give up his disguise he responded.
“Something wrong?” Kevin asked when seeing Crowley’s strange expression.
“Depends” Crowley started. “You tell me, how is it possible that two ordinary people go through a maze of traps and get out alive?”
Kevin pulled his shoulders. “I don’t know. I guess they have a high threshold for pain. Maybe toi should ask your vampire buddies why they let them escape”
“Maybe” Crowley admitted. “But I also think you’re not being quite honest. Something toi have to tell me? Like how toi don’t...
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“Your résumé is extremely…blank” the man in the temp job office noticed as he looked at the paper Meg had donné him. She had written it this morning. “You’ve worked as a nurse in a mental clinic for some weeks. Do toi have a degree as a nurse?”
“Yeah” Meg nodded. “I should’ve brought it with me”
“Why don’t toi go accueil and come back with your degree. Then, maybe, I can do something for you” the man said.
“All right” Meg answered and she got up. She turned around and left the office. She leaned against the mur and took a deep breath. She didn’t have a degree....
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