(So what toi are about to read was mainly inspired to me par a very weird yet interesting dream. I know that virtually every single time I make one of these, something goes wrong, but I have good faith that I can continue this one to the best of my ability. So, without further ado, let's get started.)

Tick, Tock...Tick, Tock...


#1: AUGH! *Falls out of bed*

#1: Jesus, I thought I got rid of this stupid alarm clock...Always frightens the living hell outta me!

#2: toi should be complaining, Miles. I sleep right suivant to it!

#1/Miles: True, James. But still, whose idea was this anyway? Ah, never mind. I'll bet the sorry son of a gun has already left for breakfast.

#3: Come get your nourriture guys, ou the boys will hog it all!

#2/James: Speak of the devil, let's go give him a piece of our mind. Ugh.

My name is Miles, also known as #1. I have black hair, am 17, and REALLY hate that damned alarm clock. I live inside of an abandoned facility with my 30 comrades (18 male, 12 female) which we've simply dubbed "The Household of Hope."

I'd tell toi my last name, but remember it I cannot. And trust me, it's the same for all of us.

#3: James, tell Miles to stop talking to himself so he can get his breakfast!

#2/James: Come on, mate. We ain't gonna live forever. *Drags Miles to table*

And that couldn't be any plus true...

#4: *Digs into Turkey* Man, I'll never get tired of eating turkey for breakfast! This has been and will always be one HELL of a facility!

#3: If toi think cooking that stuff is cheap, then think again, Adam. After all, I'm the one who pays for all this!

#2/James: And I'm the one who has to sit suivant to arguably the messiest eater of all damn 30 of us. Cheers...?

#5: Oh please, James. Don't even get me STARTED on the people I have to sit with.

#2/James: Fair enough, Audrey. But let's not introduce too many characters at once!

#1/Miles: *Picks at food*

#3: Eh? Is something wrong with my cooking, Miles?

#1/Miles: Oh, nothing. To be honest, I'm just very bored, Katie. Nothing has been going on lately, it's like my life is just as boring as the weather reports now.

#4/Adam: Are toi subliminally trying to hit on Audrey? Haha, this year's gonna be great! *Digs into plus Turkey*

#6: *Sighs* I will never understand why the first idea for breakfast that Adam had was turkey. But hey, what can ya do?

#4/Adam: Hey, do toi have any idea how hard I had to convince Katie to make this for us today? toi should be grateful, not pessimistic!

#6: I wasn't complaining, I just thought it was strange, not necessarily in a bad way.

#4/Adam: Oh please, May. I mean, does it really matter what time of jour toi eat something? Personally, I've always found that mindset lame. *Digs into yet plus Turkey*

#2/James: *Wipes off eaten turkey fragments from Adam* I hope my insurance covers this sort of thing...Eww!

#5/Audrey: Ditto on that, James. They really don't pay me enough for this.

#3/Katie: We don't pay toi at all, hun! I do most of the work around here!

*Table Laughs, Doorbell Rings*

#3/Katie: Ooh, I wonder who that could be!

#6/May: If it's another one of those missionaries trying to force their opinion down our throats, then I'm 100% outta here.

#1/Miles: I'll answer the door, since I already know that nobody else will.

#4/Adam: Hah, look at this emo kid, complaining about his life!

#5/Audrey: toi know, he's absolutely right, when toi get down to it.

#2/James: Shots fired Audrey, haha!

#5/Audrey: That includes toi too, James.

#2/James: Oh, right... *Hides head under table, tableau in shame*

#1/Miles: *Opens Door* Hello-

???: GREETINGS FROM FLORIDA, MATES! :D HOW toi DOIN', HOW toi DOIN'? *Shakes everyone's hand in rapid succession*

#3/Katie: Oh no, I'm already feeling uncomfortable...

#6/May: It's even worse than I thought....A BUSINESS SALESMAN! QUICK, EVERYONE, FLEE FOR THE HILLS!


#7: *Muffles ???'s face, slowly pushes him out door* toi can tell us about your sponsor when we actually care. Spoiler alert: That's never.

#8: ♫Plays X Gon' Give It To Ya♫ YEAH, THAT'S MY BRO!

#3/Katie: Now let's all thank Michael and Gerald for saving the jour for us all!

*Table Claps Passionately*

#5/Audrey: Thank merciful Neptune, I was about to give that guy a piece of my mind...and my cuisine knife.

#2/James: *Hides under table, tableau again* Just when I thought I was safe....This family is BONKERS!

#1/Miles: salut Gerald, can toi shut off the musique now? After all, toi don't want to get COPYRIGHTED, now do you? >:)

#8/Gerald: *Shuts off radio* SIR, YES SIR!

#1/Miles: Also, James, toi can stop hiding now.

#2/James: But...but.......Audrey's got a PLASTIC KNIFE!

#9: ZOINKS! *Divebombs into the living room*

#3/Katie: That one of the problems with living in a house this filled....Paranoia spreads like the plague!

#1/Miles: toi couldn't be plus correct, Katie. HEY WILLIAM, THE COAST IS CLEAR!

#9/William: ...You sure?

#4/Adam: Fantastic job Audrey, now you've gotten everyone all scared over plastic knives.

#2/James: FEAR THE PLASTIC! *Nervously shakes under table*

#7/Michael: So uh, anyone else afraid of plastic knives in here? I mean, I knew this family was pathetic, but JEEZ...

#6/May: We're no less pathetic than the fact that toi still haven't done your chores, Michael.

#7/Michael: Hey, just lemme finish eating, I'll get right to it!

#5/Audrey: Aaaand cut to three hours later where he's goofing off in his room.

#3/Katie: So, is everyone done eating? And James, get up off of the floor, there's nothing to be afraid of!

#2/James and #9/William: *Desperately hurry up the stairs*

#3/Katie: Maybe just using your hands would've been a better idea...

#8/Gerald: Personally, I think that all they had to ♫do is put their mind to it!♫

#3/Katie: ...Gerald, do toi wanna get COPYRIGHTED? >:)

#8/Gerald: *Desperately hurries along stairs with James and William* HEY, WAIT FOR ME!

*Meanwhile, in Miles's room...*

#1/Miles: *Plants face under pillow* Today's gonna be a long day, isn't it?

#2/James: Hey, look at the plus side, all of the knives are gone and we can some time to chat before it's time to do our chores!

#1/Miles: I mean, I suppose so, but still James...I've been feeling kinda down lately.

#2/James: What do toi mean par that? toi live with a great bunch of people with all the nourriture and caring in the world, how could anyone be down like this?

#1/Miles: It's just the same thing every single day. I get jump-scared par the alarm clock, get outta bed, eat with the others, answer the door to some numb-nut who wants to shove their product and/or opinion down our throat, wait for chore time, and it just cycles over and over....I want something new to happen. Something fun, interesting, and worth my time.

#2/James: Maybe Adam was right, toi could be just subliminally hitting on Audrey, heh.

#1/Miles: HEY, I AM NOT!

#2/James: Heh, I'm just playing around. But in all seriousness, I understand what toi mean. But have toi ever thought that it really wasn't bad at all either?

#1/Miles: I mean, I guess so-


#1/Miles and #2/James: AUGH!

*Whoo-ee-oooo!! Whoo-ee-oooo.....POW!*

Everyone: AAHHH!

#1/Miles: James, let's go! What in the bloody hell just happened!?

#2/James: I'm right behind you!

*Miles opens door, smoke erupts everywhere*

#1/Miles: *Coughs* What....is going on!?

#2/James: I can't see a thing, my eyes hurt... *Coughs*

#3/Katie: Everyone, please evacuate outside RIGHT NOW!

*Whoo-ee-oooo! Whoo-ee-oooo!

Outside, a little bit later...

#7/Michael: That's my rotten luck, alright. I was JUST about to do my chores. Wonderful.

#8/Gerald: I'm not even gonna make a song reference, what in the world was that!?

#5/Audrey: The entire house is smoking like a factory from London, what do we do!?

*Panic Spreads Rapidly*

#3/Katie: Calm down everyone, I'm going inside right now! Luckily, I was prepared for a situation like this. *Puts on Gas Mask*

#6/May: Well great, now what're we gonna do?

#4/Adam: Alright....Whatever idiot started a fire, you've got nothing to lose now. Who did it!?

#2/James: toi ever think that it wasn't a fire, Adam?

#1/Miles: But that's the thing, James. I don't know anything that could kick-start that much smoke, not EVEN a massive fire. Plus, there's no flames in sight.

#9/William: I hope Katie's alright...Let alone the facility.

#3/Katie: *Shouting from inside the house* Guys, it's coming from Nadie's and Harold's room! Don't déplacer one bit, I'm going to investigate!

#5/Audrey: Katie's a warrior, jeez. I actually feel bad just standing here.

#7/Michael: Never mind that, why is so much smoke coming from THEIR room of all people? I mean, Nadia and Harold are the most tame people in the facility, I don't understand.

#2/James: Well, any of us want to confess anything that might've started this?

*Dead Silence*

#6/May: I don't think anyone here would've been evil enough to sabotage our entire home, James.

#1/Miles: So many questions, it hurts my mind just thinking about it. I hope Katie's doing alright.

*Smoke Completely Disappears*

#4/Adam: Alright. If this is a prank par ANY of you, then it's not funny anymore. It never was, alright!?

#10: Contradictory to my admittingly very silly demeanor, I wouldn't do anything like this. Plus, I was sleeping all morning since I stayed up late watching TV and eating anyways.

#5/Audrey: It's nice to see that everyone's taking this seriously. Maybe toi people aren't as bad as I thought.

#2/James: toi JINXED IT! *Runs around in circles*

#1/Miles: James, I think toi just jinxed it on yourself, heh.

#3/Katie: *Jogs out of house* Guys, guys! Nadia and Harold are gone! If I find out this is a prank par any of you, then you're gong to be grounded for a VERY long time!

#11: I know a majority of us have some SERIOUSLY messed up senses of humor, but come on, I know us well enough par now. Adam, Michael, George, none of us would ever go this far.

#10/George: Thanks, Chris. I owe ya one.

#3/Katie: Well, I think it's sûr, sans danger to assume that nobody could've started the smoke now, so that begs the question...Where did it come from?

#1/Miles: We can answer that later, we need to find Nadia and Harold!

#2/James: I'm right behind ya pal!

#3/Katie: Let's hurry guys!

#4/Adam: Don't forget about me!

#5/Audrey: And me!

#6/May: I normally hate joining in on lines like this, but what else needs to be said? I'll check the basement!

#7/Michael: I'll tag along as well, leave the attic to me.

#8/Gerald: I got dibs on upstairs!

#9/William: I'll check the bravest place of them all, the living room! With the lights on!

#10/George: I should've known, William. Even in times of crisis, toi are WEAK, heh.

*Everyone glares at George*

#10/George: Uhhh, I got the hallways.

#11/Chris: I got the rooms!

#12: I got-HEY! toi guys took everything, no fair!

#11/Chris: Umm, toi can do the kitchen, Candace. Now, let's déplacer soldiers!

*A little while later...*

#1/Miles: salut Chris, James, let's get to Nadia and Harold's room. If there's anywhere in this place where something would've gone wrong, it's obviously the room where the smoke started.

#2/James: I'm NOT opening that door, Miles...Hey Chris, help us out here!

#11/Chris: Sure thing, I hope you're all ready. *Opens Door*


*Awkward Silence*

#2/James: Uhh, do my eyes deceive me, ou is that some sort of portal?

#1/Miles: What in the world....I've never seen anything like it, not even in those CGI movies.

#11/Chris: Well, I can already say for sure that we should definitely NOT touch that thing under any circumstance. Any ideas, guys?

#2/James: Not really. And I can't see Nadia ou Harold anywhere.



#1/Miles: ....Guys?


#11/Chris: Never mind them for now, we need to tell everyone about this. Let's get to the living room!

*A Tad Later....*

#3/Katie: I'm sorry everyone! Me, Audrey, and Gerald tried so hard to find Harold and Nadie, no luck.

#9/William: Nothing to report, Katie. I looked under every table, couch, nothing.

#6/May: Nothing in the basement, sadly.

#7/Michael: Nothing in the attic either.

#4/Adam and #10/George: *Shrugs* Not a single sight of them.

#3/Katie: Well, how about toi guys? Miles, James, Chris, surely toi found some clues in their room!

#1/Miles: We did, and toi wouldn't believe us if we told you.

#2/James: It....needs to be SEEN to be believed.

#11/Chris: Some sort of portal, as strange as that sounds. Come on, we'll montrer toi now.

*The group goes into the room*


#11/Chris: Be careful guys. I don't know what that thing leads to, but I don't think we should find out.

#5/Audrey: So then what? We just leave Harold and Nadia gone forever, and let this anomaly stay in our house without even considering a viable seconde option?

#9/William: I'm far from the best at plans, but how about this? If we don't hear from them within 30 hours, then a team of us will go inside the....thing and investigate.

#1/Miles: Sounds good to me, who wants to volunteer?

*Everyone looks at floor*

#2/James: I'll go if toi do too, Miles. And William, toi suggested the idea, so toi should rejoindre us.

#9/William: WHAT!? Me!? But there's, there's, it's a, toi have to-doh, d'wah!

#4/Adam: Uhh, what did he say?

#6/May: "There's, there's, it's a, toi have to-doh, d'wah!"

#3/Katie: Sounds fine par me! I'll tag along as well to assure that nothing bad happens. So guys, take good care of each other when we leave tomorrow, because this could take a while. To let toi guys know that we're doing fine, we'll use some expensive Walkie-Talkies I've been saving over the years. One for Chris, and one for us. Sound good?

#8/Gerald: This is happening way too fast....I guess we'll be fine. We'll take care of the house, George and I will do the shopping, and we'll all keep an eye out for Nadia and Harold. It's not like them to run away ou anything, so there's not much of a choice. Stay strong when toi go in there!

#1/Miles: Hopefully they return par tomorrow....because I'm not sure that this is what I wanted when I asked for change.

???: Trial One, Commence. Nice to see they're falling right into my trap...