this is a rap i made for bubble gum (this will wast a couple of secondes of your time this rap may i warn u that it is vdumb and needs LOTS of work says my friend on Facebook =)ok here we go... yo (beet-boxing sounds) this is a rap for bubble gum...hey i like gum not just gum but bubble gum yea yea that's right bubble gum i l’amour it cause i blow bubble yea yea but, i don't like a.b.c gum cause that's just icky yea yea (beet-boxing sounds stop) and that is my rap for gum i know what your thinking your thinking that was dumb ou im dumb ou im weard ect. but u try fighting bordum!! im not bored though i just wanted to do this =) and there toi go i just wasted secondes of your time maby plus =)