"ready to go?" Raichel asked her sister,who was putting on her rose dress,purple mask, and hi-tops. "I am now!" a dit moanie. moanie was about 6 and a half, and Raichel was taking moanie with her on vacation to the land of ooo. the two girls headed to the frosty mart. "why are we over here?" moanie asked. "gotta say bye. toi cant leave without sayin' bye," a dit Raichel. they both walked up to kyle. "bye kyle," Raichel a dit as she hugged him. moanie hugged his legs. 'bye," he said. they walked up to fanboy and chum chum. fanboy hugged Raichel tight. "fanboy, we'll only be gone 2 weeks," a dit moanie. "I know! that's two years in fan years," he said. Raichel floated out of his grip. she picked up chum chum and hugged him. "bye," he said. after they a dit goodbye to every one, Raichel and moanie flew to the land of ooo. as soon as they got there,they landed in a place that looked like antarctica. suddenly a blue man with a long white beard and a crown took Raichel and flew into a castle. moanie yelled for help. "HELP!! AN OLD MAN a volé, étole MY BIG SISTER!!" Just then a boy and a dog ran up to moanie. "we'll save your sister." a dit the boy. he drew out his sword and charged into the castle. "climb on." a dit the dog. moanie looked scared. "it's okay. i'm jake. a nice dog. i dont bite" he said. moanie climbd on and jake followed Finn into the castle. finn punched the ice king while staring at Raichel in the cage. her shiny turquoise eyes sparkled. as ice king was knocked out,Finn unlocked the cage and helped her up. she smiled at finn,making him blush. "i'm finn." he said. "i'm Raichel komatsu, and that's my little sister, moanie komatsu," she a dit "thanks for saving me," she hugged him. his face turned red. "your welcome," he replied.