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Hi I thought I'd create some nice, unusual user-names for people who want something different and unidentifiable. hope toi enjoy reading, and that toi use some of these nom d’utilisateur ideas:) Could toi please become a fan of me and commentaire on this:D thankyou xxxx
Of course these user-names may already be taken. If so, then just add a number/nickname on the end. ou toi can take some words, re-arrange and improvise:)
The ones with the * beside them are my favourites:)
Enjoy x
WoundedNight *...
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posted by SmilesKillMe
Here are some emo usernames I've came up with! (Note: some might not sound emo, but yeah..)

1. SmilesKillMe (My username)
2. Uncureable
3. CorruptedColors
4. Monochrome
5. SatanicPossession
6. RainOnMyHappiness
7. EmbraceTheDark
8. WoundedAndBroken
9. HalfAlive
10. StitchedDoll
11. VoodooHeart
12. DeadOrDeath
13. HappinessLies
14. HappinessExpires
15. HeartsAreNothing
16. PurelyHated
17. IAmNothing
18. WitheredMascara
19. WiltingRose
20. WiltingLife

Please if so, leave a number below saying which username(s) toi liked the best!
posted by guiltygoth
10 different reasons many people feel that harming themselves is the only way to make them feel better.

Many different people across the world, no matter what age, sometimes need to cut themselves, ou inflict pain onto themselves in order for the to feel better. This happens for many different, explainable reasons.

1. Cutting is a Disorder

Many different people that suffer from different forms of depression, cut after reaching a peak in sorrow. Which is very reasonable. Seeing them bleed reminds them that they are still able to feel something,...
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posted by SmilesKillMe
Here are some plus emo/vampiric usernames, yet again preferably for girls:

The ones with ♥ suivant to them are my favs!

1. INeedAGod
2. GiveMeHope ♥
3. DeathAura
4. ReviveMyHeart
5. ReviveMySoul
6. BeatMyHeart
7. PatchedHeart
8. ItsAllLies
9. DevilWithin ♥
10. PureSkull
11. VoodooDoll ♥
12. Nightwish (and yes, this is a name of a band.)
13. CorpseWithin
14. WeakVeins
15. PainWithin
16. MonochromeTears
17. LiveLaughDie
18. StitchedTeddy
19. PinsAndNeedles ♥
20. BloodAndScimitars
21. KnivesAndPens (yes, this is the name of a Black Veil Brides song. I just l’amour this band, so, yup.)
22. BloodLoveGore
23. NoInspiration
24. NoEscape
25. GodessOf[add word here]
25. SatansPuppet ♥
26. EveryonesPuppet ♥
27. IdioticSoul
28. CallOfTheNight
29. BringThePain
30. DesirableFreak
31. Imprisoned[add word here] ♥
posted by 123meshe
i feal so sad no one gets me i cry jour and night and yet it is like i am not there i am a figue, fig meint of the mind that no one thinks is a real person that some one can ever l’amour just to shame me is people life i wish the sad-ness whould go away leave me alone let me be me and be true to my self and no one else is my whis my way my life cause i am emo and that is all i willl ever do JUST LEAVE ME BE LET ME BE ME I AM EMO.

P.S to be emo is a from of culture l’amour and sad-ness no one can take the pain but they can at least understand me us emos all around the world for us to just be free and under-stand us is all we ask all we need to be free and let us say salut I AM emo AND HAPPY TO BE emo THANK toi AND GOOD BYE
posted by JackieIsGone
Okay i see many people here trying so hard to be "emo". WTH!! No there is no such thing as a "Emo kid". emo means:is a style of rock musique typically characterized par melodic musicianship and expressive. The Real definition for a "Emo Kid" Is "Scene." This is the style the "Emo Kids" Follow after But will call it "Emo" Because there "Emo." All toi have to do is be yourself.And if your "Emo" already cool for toi stay that way, don't change for anyone :) And if your not and "Emo" stay the way toi are. toi don't have to be "Emo", just be yourself!! :) Well I Must go...talk to all of toi later :)
posted by i-love-rping
I'll paint my mood in shades of blue
paint my soul to be with you
ill sketch ur lips in shaded tones
draw ur mouth to match my own
ill draw ur arms around me waist
And then all doubt i shall erase
Ill paint the rain that softly lands
On the crescents of ur hands
ill trace a hand to wipe away ur tears
A calming look to quell ur fears
A silhouette of dark and light
while we hold each other tight
ill paint a sun to warm ur heart
swearing that we'll never part
I'll paint the stars n the evening sky
draw their light into ur eyes
I'll draw a striking touch of grace
that shows the gentleness of ur face
I'll trace ur...
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posted by deathofjeyad
Hello my name is Jeiad
I am 15 years old and I'm going to kill myself......IDKW but IDC!
my life has been a living hell

My mom is dead she died 7years ago.Now my dad married .......................................................................................................................the devil is what i call her-SHE TRIED TO KILL ME!!!
Iv'e been beaten and harrased par her.
i hate my life when i'm around her.
I'm in the hospital for the 4th time in a row. I cut to relieve some of the pain life brings me...Now I'm going to do it-i'm going to end my life right now.....I just want to say that I l’amour toi Lizy(i-love-rping)...you were my world

I l’amour toi Liz.
posted by niceapril
Now I'm curious 'cos I wanna know,
why does some people not wanna be an emo?
We always get called 'emo' and it makes us content,
we actually take it as a compliment.

'Cos we emos are cool in our own way,
we l’amour being emo night and day.
We listen to songs with actual meaning,
and we don't like Mariah Carey ou do cleaning.

We ignore strangers who tend to stare,
'cos they're stupid and we don't care.
We don't pretend to be something we're not,
we're sooo cool and totally hot.

If we're angry then we cuss,
we swear at people who dis us.
One last thing that we're missing,
we are very good at kissing!
posted by Rock_n_Roll671
The cœur, coeur Of Thorns
"YOU FREAK" One thorn in my heart.
"YOU DONT MEAN ANYTHING TO THE WORLD" 2 thorns in my heart.
"No one even cares about you" 3 thorns into my poor heart.
All the things people say to me, it hurts, there is a saying,
"My bruises go away easily, but words peirce my soul"
"Why are toi still alive." 4 thorns.
"Just drop dead, toi were an accident, no one wants you." There was the 5th thorn, and before I knew it, I was asleep, never to wake up again.

-Elizabeth Dillard (AKA Rock_n_Roll671)
posted by bloody_puppet
he had a secret
i asked him why
he wudnt tell me
i thought he was suppossed to be my lullaby

he a dit he needed to talk
i told him say it on the phone
he a dit no way then hung up
and left me crying over the phone

he was sexy, sweet, and oh swo kind
but now i guess
i have to leave him behinde

are we broken up?
i have no clue
he was and is my everything
i dont know what to do

razors ease me pain
blood makes me feel real
i l’amour the rush of the pain
its like i Lost the steering wheel

a slice is not enough
three is alright
maybe drugs will do the trick
not tonight

maybe its just a phase
though i was crying all night
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posted by niceapril
So sue us we are emos,
but toi bitches do not know.
That we are as sharp as broken glass,
we'll kick your stupid ass.

toi say that we are bores,
at least we're not all whores.
toi girls have no brains,
we know who's going to win this game.

Its going to be us cos we're the best,
we're better than the rest.
We are the emo girls...
and we're gonna crush your cheerleading world!!!!!!!!!!

posted by tabethabaker
I only just started cutting and I haven't told anyone about it yet.....I don't want people thinking I'm doin it for attention I'm doing it because of stuff that happened with my mum and dad...I'm also doing it because this boy that I like that did like me has apparently been using me and he's been breaking me cœur, coeur par saying he loves me but then he went to my best friend...this one guy has made me cry so much and now I'm doing this to my self I don't want to do it but I cant help it. I just don't want people thinking that I'm doing this for attention I don't even want to tell anyone but I don't just want to keep it inside me I need to tell my best friend but I don't want to hurt her because she does cut as well and it really hurt me when she told me she cut and know I do it 😞😢
posted by tigerlilly14
I wanna run but I cannot chase the sun I'm hiding from the light because it is so bright I don't wanna fight because i'm filled with fright look there is the spirites they come only in the night toi wouldn't find me in the jour of light morning when I'm out of your sight trying to escape the night the stars are so bright toi call to me and I'm full of fright I carefully look to the sky but then I look all around and see nobody is to be found I run from the sun I run from toi toi are not who i had thought I knew I can't I can't be blue as long as I'm far away from toi Is this true what toi are feeling that you're no longer peeling far far away where toi can't find me it is my time to fly and now I will say GOODBYE.
posted by dark_knight556
why do people think its ok to take the piss out of emos? were all the humans, and yeah emos might sometimes cut there arms ect but that's because they might be feeling down! I should know my sister does it! but I know why nobody else knows why.

I've been researching about why people hate emos and this what I got.

1) they obviously emos don't

2) the musique emos listen to

3) all the make up emos put on( even though people who ant emos still were lodes of make up)

How would they feel if we took the piss out of... how they dress ou what musique they listen to? maybe... just maybe they might feel how we feel.
posted by puffer_fish
I got a girlfriend today.. Her name is Veronica. In the global chat, everybody is being rude to her and me, as if we are a bad couple. I, personally , don't understand why they hate her! She friendly and beautiful! She stands up for me and tells me she loves me and that i'm handsome. We have a lot in common..but she don't know about my anxiety. I have hid it because she might hate me for it! I'm afraid. Do toi guys think toi can help? I am going to gmail her soon. I l’amour her with all my cœur, coeur and I hope she loves me so much more. I feel like i'm dying inside because I cant help her.
posted by PuNkRoCk123
The biggest issue that has come to mind is when one ends one’s life. Why they do this? toi would probably say,” Don’t they know they’ll probably go to hell?” I’ll tell you, that they don’t care. toi don't have to be crazy to think about it or, for that matter, even to try it. Suicide is a solution. No matter what anyone tells you, suicide does solve problems, at least your problems. If toi succeed, it solves them once and for all.
As toi have no doubt already figured out, once toi are dead nothing can hurt toi anymore. Once toi are dead toi are beyond feeling bad. Once...
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posted by EdandJa
A girl name Natalie was being bullied at school..People laughed at he..She pretended not to care. And tyred not to listen.But inside it was killing her. She felt no one cared about he..That if she died no one would attend to her funeral..Until..She met a boy...Within minutes of meeting him. She was totally in love..She knew he would never be interested in he. So she went accueil and cry incontrolably. The suivant jour at school he spoke to her..She felt he was the one.His name was Raul..She got to know him. they became friends..They fell in love. She becomes happy.

NATALIE:Raul i need to tell you...
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posted by Mallory101
Seven eighths
Seven eighths halfway there
Sticks and stones through the broken windows
Like pomme pie left for a week
Toss it in and hope it swims

But it’s the things at the bottom toi need to worry about
If toi sink they lurk down there
Tangle around your legs and hold toi down.
So jump on in

Seven eighths, four plus to go
One pomme is rotten, so throw the whole barrel out
Seven eggs gives nineteen chickens
But only if they’re in the bushes

Last in line, theres nothing left
All sold out, waited too long
Next time, push in and get your serve
Like the others did to you...
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posted by emo_grl_4eva

I've gone my whole life
Wishing it was just a dream
My memories left scars too deep to heal
If I just close my eyes
Will it all just dissapear
Would I be aloud to feel?

Cuz I can't, I can't take this anymore
But this time I'm gonna stand up strong
This sorrow haunts me to the bone
But I know, Yeah I know i'll be alright

Each tear i've cried told its tale
Is this my darker side thats suffocting me?
My only sûr, sans danger haven was somthing I could never find
Inside I'm already dead to you
More dead than you'll ever be

Cuz I can't, I can't take this anymore
But this time I'm gonna stand up strong
This sorrow...
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