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-Edward bought Bella a small silver phone. The kinds everybody has when there's an emergency. I wonder what's so special about the small silver phone.

Bella holds small sliver phone par it's edge. Almost dropping it.

Bella: Euw. It's small. and silver. and it's a phone. Omg its a small silver phone!!

Edward: Silver is sexy. Would toi prefer a green giant phone instead, Bella?

Bella: No. Not green. I hate green. Green is wet. Green is damp. Green is Forks. I hate Forks.

Edward: If toi haven't come to Forks then toi wouldn;t have met me, your sexy, gorgeous, perfect boyfriend who's also a vampire...
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dîner was awkward Alice and I hated awkward. Sine we currently weren't on speaking terms it was difficult. Every night I had dîner at the Cullen's Alice and I talked non-stop about everything so it was strange tonight but Alice and I sat at opposite ends of the table, tableau and didn't dare look at each other ou else we might giggle there for making the fake hatred not needed. Edward had been filled in on his part of the plan and was as excited as Alice was to try to get rid of Rosalie. The 3 of us were texting while eating. Something Esme never would let us do and toi kill us if she knew we were...
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