It goes without saying that Bett Rickards and Amell deserve major kudos for their dramatic work in this episode. Their relationship has become Arrow‘s emotional cornerstone and their conversation aboard the jet and pre/post sex elevate the episode to the status of high drama. It would have been easily to make this a hysterical, overwrought episode, but the grounded approach both actors adopt keeps things serious and heartfelt. They manage to make this goodbye hurt, which is key for ‘The Fallen’ to work on an emotional level. “

-Bitch a volé, étole My Remote

“But I may as well get this out of the way right now, because I get the feeling it’s all anybody wants to talk about: this week, the person who did what she does best better than absolutely anyone was Emily Bett Rickards as Felicity Smoak. What a tremendous character Felicity has grown into. From virtually nobody to quirky fan-favorite to the undisputed soul of the montrer in three seasons. That’s no joke for a character created specifically for a series that has a lot of pre-packaged intellectual property to juggle.There have been plenty of times this an when Felicity has been the adult in the room, telling people the truth, cutting through the bullshit, and generally being plus reasonable and three-dimensional than toi would normally expect on a montrer like Arrow. But in the history of general Felicity coolness, I think her marching right up to Ra’s al Ghul and telling him “no, I’m not letting toi do this,” has to rank pretty high. But toi know what the highest is? Actually trying (and nearly succeeding) to deliver on that audacious promise.”

-Den of Geek

“ Felicity Smoak could have been so easily bungled. All the TV clichés are there: a wisecracking geeky sidekick; a cute blonde in a short skirt; the girl who pines for her best friend. Yes, Felicity is all of those things, but she is also none of those things. Emily Bett Rickards and the Arrow writers have created a rich, complex character who impressively remains consistent without feeling stagnant. Case in point: Felicity has always been a Rebelle character (stopping the earthquake machine, stabbing Slade Wilson, talking to Moira Queen), but this week, Felicity’s bravery reaches new levels of nerve and chutzpah. And I’m not just talking about straddling Oliver Queen. (Though that is one of my favori topics of conversation.) “


“ Emily Bett Rickards was a powerhouse as she held her own opposite far plus experienced actors,”


“ If télévision producers could bottle the sexual chemistry between Emily Bett Rickards and Stephen Amell they would. The duo has been breaking hearts together since season 1 of Arrow and this week may have been their most intimate, surprising and global, ensemble sexy performances to date. (…) Amell and Rickards exude sexual chemistry and this scene further proves that no two characters have ever been so right for each other. “

“ If any Arrow fan ever had any doubts that Emily Bett Rickards is the heart, spirit and soul of Arrow than this episode proved them wrong. She continues to have chemistry with anyone she comes in contact with and in this episode she ascended to one of the most powerful and influential characters. (…) For starting out as simply a background character, Rickards has transformed Felicity into a fully fleshed out, strong, female character and these scenes showcased that flawlessly. “

-Entertainment Monthly