Elton John, David Furnish & son Zachary: Blessed

This has always been one of my all time favourite songs from Elton John, and well, of course I had to greet their new little family with a fan video. ^^
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Little Zachary is one of the cutest babies I've ever seen. ^^ And in my opinion, there's no doubt that Elton is the biological father...Not that it would matter in the family matters, but just for curiosity's sake. I mean, just LOOK at that baby. He's a minutre-Elton! :D

Anyway, I was a huge Elton John fan throughout my pre-teen years and never lost my love for his music...Which is the biggest reason why I wanted to do this.
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oneill24 said:
Elton and and David you have thee most adorable baby boy, little Zachary is one cute tot lol
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