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 Elena + waking up
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“I think toi found a way to get out of lit this morning. And that makes toi the strongest person I know.”
Vampire Diaries
Elena Gilbert
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Matt tried to get the front door open, but failed, while Bonnie tried to call someone. When after her sixth attempt no one had picked up, she had to fight the urge to throw her cell into the wall. She turned to Keith. “Can toi try the phone, please?” she asked a little irritated. Keith was just sitting there, being useless. Keith stood slowly and walked to the phone. He picked up the horn, but heard nothing. “The phone’s dead” he noted, sounding not very surprised. He walked back to Bonnie. Matt had gone upstairs to see if he could open one of the windows.
“Maybe we should stay...
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Damon was sitting in the cafeteria of the hospital. He was still angry with Elena. Though angry wasn’t exactly the right word. Defeated was plus like it. It felt like the universe was doing everything to keep them apart. Well, Damon meant what he’d said. If Elena died, so would he. He wasn’t going to spend another century and a half alone and hated. Sure, there would be other women begging for his attention, but none of them would be Elena Gilbert.
“Damon?” he heard a weak voice say from behind him. He looked over his shoulder. Elena was standing in the doorway, a blanket over her...
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Elena gazed upon Damon’s face. She gave him a soft Kiss on his lips and stood up then. She walked to the doorway and leaned against the open door.
Damon opened his eyes and sat up when he saw Elena lurking at him. “What are toi looking at?” he smirked.
“I’m looking at my boyfriend” Elena smiled mischievous. “The one I had great makeup sex with last night. Though I did most of it”
Damon raised his eyebrows. “Are toi kidding?” Elena shook her head. “No. I mean toi were just lying there” She opened her satin dressing robe and revealed a blue bra and matching panties. “Want...
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The sun rose and shone through the curtains. Damon opened his eyes and looked at Elena’s crown. He looked up and saw the planks still lying on the ground. He recalled the last night. At a certain moment Elena’s lit had collapsed and Damon didn’t have the cœur, coeur to send her to another room and so he let her sleep with him.
“I think you’re starting to recover” Elena had softly said. She had crawled up against him and fallen asleep.
Damon stroke her hair and she woke up. She looked up and gave him a soft kiss. “Hi” she smiled. “Good morning”
“Good morning to toi too” Damon...
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“There toi are” Bonnie a dit and she dragged him over the cold, dusty ground.
Damon hooked his fingers in the ground, boycotting Bonnie as much as possible. He would get out of here, even if it meant breaking every bone in his body.
But Bonnie just dragged him with her as if he was a rag doll. “I told toi toi shouldn’t try to escape. toi know that’s a bad idea”
She dropped him in the center of the cage.
“Before I kill toi there are a few things toi have to know” She rolled him on his back with her feet. “You’re evil. You’re a worthless, useless waste of space. You’re not...
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“I should go check on him” Stefan said. “Make sure he’ll be okay”
Elena nodded.
“You should go home, Elena” he continued. “I’ll call toi as soon as I know my brother’s safe”
“No, I want to come with. I need to know he’ll be alright” Elena protested.
“Elena, I promise toi I won’t let anything happen to him” Stefan said. “But like toi said, you’re not yourself. toi can’t take care of yourself. I can’t protect the both of you”
Elena shut her eyes. “Alright, then” she a dit soft.
“Ask Caroline to give toi a ride home…or stay at the party” Stefan said....
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Vampire Diaries
Elena Gilbert
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Bonnie opened her eyes and the candles expired. She stood and walked out of the square.
“I let him know” she said.
“Guys, I think toi should see this” Keith said. Bonnie and Matt turned around to him. He was leaning against the table, tableau with a bunch of letters in his hands.
“What do toi have?” Matt asked as they both walked to him.
“I found these in Jeremy’s pocket. I was looking for his phone, when these fell out. They’re from Kelsey to Veronica”
He gave a few to Bonnie and a few to Matt and he started lire the first of his own.

“Dear Ronnie,

I’m sorry I had to leave so...
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Tyler woke up with a burning pain on his chest. Someone was caressing his exposed chest with a vervain flower.
“Good evening, Tyler” a woman said. It wasn’t Veronica. She had a paper bag with her, probably full of vervain and wolfsbane. Her hand disappeared in the bag, but she withdrew her hand she was holding up a sandwich. Tyler raised his eyebrows, something that didn’t go unnoticed. “What? A girl’s got to eat, right? And I don’t know how long I’ll be in here, because that totally depends on you”
“Why? If you’re going to kill me, why not just do it?” Tyler snapped...
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If looks could kill Bonnie would’ve been dead right now. She, Elena and Caroline had just finished lunch and they were now walking through the shopping street. Elena had been shooting dirty glances at Bonnie all day, but Caroline was too busy talking to notice. ou so they thought.
“You have to keep your eyes on the montrer windows, not on Bonnie” Caroline a dit a little annoyed. “You’re not wearing her tonight, Elena”
Elena shrugged and jerked her eyes from Bonnie. The suivant moment she let out a shriek. Caroline and Bonnie jumped up and looked at Elena, who was pointing at a dress in...
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Damon got up and pulled Elena up. He brought her to edge of the roof where he looked down. He looked back at Elena. “Do toi trust me?” he asked, reaching out his hand. This time Elena didn’t hesitate. “Of course I trust you” She lay her hand in his and Damon lifted her in his arms. He stepped on the edge and jumped. They landed soft on the ground and after holding Elena in his arms a few secondes he put her down. Elena stared at his lips as if she had to restrain herself from s’embrasser them.
Then everything happened really fast. Damon gasped and his eyes bulged. Someone grabbed Elena’s...
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