1, Elena Gilbert is the reason why Damon and Stefan are at odds.

Ehm, Damon and Stefan were at odds for 145 years, prior to meeting Elena. So, there goes that nonsense,

2, Elena always needs to be saved,

Oh, toi mean that time when Stefan got abducted and tortured par the tomb vampires? ou when Damon almost burned in the season 1 finale? ou when Stefan got locked up in a vault? ou when Bonnie used so much magic she died in season 4? ou when Damon wanted to kill Caroline in the beginning of season? ou when Caroline was tortured par her dad in order to cure her? ou when Damon was taken par Rebekah and tortured in season 3? ou when Tyler and Caroline nearly got sacrificed? Need I go on? No? Then shut the fuck up, please,

3, Elena is such a crying bitch,

She's Lost her entire family, and she feels responsible for all the crap she and her Friends and family have to go through. Maybe you're such an insensitive chienne that toi can go through the motions without feeling so much as an ounce of pain, but not everyone is like that.

4, Elena is such a whore,

Matt, Stefan, Damon. That's it. Oh, and Liam, but I count that as fake. Also, a whore is someone who has sex for money. Have toi seen Elena collect any money, lately? I haven't.

5, Katherine is so much prettier.

'facepalm' They are played par the same actress! Elena is beautiful inside and out. Katherine's only gorgeous from the outside.

6, Stefan and Damon deserve so much better than Elena.

Right, because they are both suuuucchh angels, right? It pains me to say this about Damon, but they're both psychotic murderers. It's a God's gift that someone like Elena did l’amour them.

7, TVD is so much better without Elena!

I'm sorry? I couldn't hear toi over the crap that is coming out of your mouth!