Veronica ordered them to stop in front of a stake. In the center there was a big pole where they were being tied onto.
“Where’s Elena?” Damon begged to know.
“She’s with her brother” Veronica replied.
“Don’t hurt her. She’s sick” Damon appealed.
“She’s just a girl. It’s not her fault she’s the doppelganger. She wouldn’t hurt a fly. She’d sacrifice herself for her loved ones anytime” Stefan tried to reason with Veronica.
“Shut up, both of you. She’s responsible for Tyler’s transition to a hybrid. It’s a good thing he was the only hybrid ever created” Veronica commented. She looked up. “The sun’s about to come up. Enjoy what’s left of your undead life. Maybe toi still have a few issues toi need to sort out? Now would be the time”
Elena was locked up in the same cell as Jeremy. Jeremy was unconscious due to his injuries. Elena walked towards him and kneeled. She supported his back and tried to pull the Arrow out.
Jeremy groaned and Elena’s eyes bulged. He couldn’t wake up now. Elena pulled herself together and jerked the Arrow out of Jeremy’s shoulder. If Jeremy was waking up a seconde ago, he had now fainted again.
The sun started rising. Katherine and Stefan were standing east, which meant they’d be burned first.
“Remind me again why I didn’t snap that bitch’s neck?” Damon asked sarcastic.
“Because precious Elena begged toi not to” Katherine replied bitter. “You know, if we had a witch she could do something to block the sun”
“Why would a witch help us? They’re not our biggest fan, remember?” Caroline commented.
Elena looked up as she smelled something. She walked to the bars and looked outside. There was smoke coming from another room. She hurried back to Jeremy and ducked. “Jeremy! Jeremy, wake up!” she yelled while she shook him. He didn’t react and she ran to the bars. “Help! Is anybody out there? Please, help us!”
Damon looked up. He heard Elena scream and he recognized the smell of fire. He knew none of them was burning yet, because no one was screaming yet. Suddenly Katherine’s loose thought seemed like a genius plan.
“Oh no” Katherine moaned as the sun began to rise. She jerked her chains, trying to escape. “No, no, no, no, no” she muttered scared to death. Sunrays reach her and Stefan’s feet and while Stefan tried to die with dignity, Katherine screamed at the haut, retour au début of her lungs.