While storming through the hallways of the hospital, Damon attempted to call Stefan, but once again he failed. He was in such a hurry he didn’t see Meredith and bumped right into her.
“Sorry” he mumbled distracted.
“Where are toi heading so fast?” Meredith asked surprised. Damon didn’t answer that question. Instead he leaned vers l'avant, vers l’avant and mumbled: “Make sure no one enters Elena’s room”
Meredith frowned at that somewhat strange request, but promised Damon she’d tried to keep an eye on his girl.
Damon ran outside where he smelled the scent of blood. He looked down. A young woman was lying on the pavers. Damon walked towards her and noticed the blood on her belly. The woman opened her eyes and saw Damon staring down at her.
“Help me” she groaned.
Damon bent through his knees. “Who did this to you?” The woman threatened to lose conscience again and so Damon bit his wrist and fed her his blood. He could’ve brought her into the hospital, but he didn’t want to waste too much time. However, as he was healing the woman, someone fired a stake at him which landed in his back.
Damon had no time to recover, because the woman on the pavers stabbed him in his chest with a silver knife.
“Derek, get your cowardly cul, ass here!” the woman screamed.
“Yes, Derek, then I can kill you!” Damon snarled threatening. He couldn’t reach the stake in his back and so he removed the couteau in his heart. He stood and turned around to face Derek. “Nice shot, par the way”
“I learned from the best” Derek replied. “You should surrender to us, Damon. toi can’t kill us both”
“Let’s see about that” Damon muttered and he turned to the woman, who was now aiming a shotgun at him. “Damn it. Didn’t see that coming” She fired her entire munitions, even when Damon was already lying down.
“That’s enough!” Derek shouted. “Go start the car” he commanded while he picked Damon and dragged him along.