Matt, Keith, Bonnie, Jeremy and Veronica were sitting around the cuisine table. Veronica had donné each a cup of coffee, in order to stay awake.
“Thank you” Jeremy a dit uncomfortable. “You don’t really know Elena. It’s not like toi owe her anything”
Veronica cast him a grin that didn’t reach her eyes. “Anything for my soldiers” she replied charming.
“How’s that going?” Matt asked, trying to keep a conversation. “Do toi need anyone else in your…army?”
“Why? Interested?” Veronica returned, raising her eyebrows. “For now the training’s canceled” She turned to Jeremy. “Until your sister’s recovered”
Jeremy blinked, taken aback a little. “Thanks. That’s…really thoughtful of you”
“Hmm” Veronica smirked and she stood. “You all must be hungry. I’ve got some deep-fried pizzas in the basement. I’ll go get them”
Her guests declined her offer, claiming that couldn’t eat right now.
“Nonsense” Veronica insisted. “You have to eat something” She walked away to the basement.
Keith leaned vers l'avant, vers l’avant to the others. “If we’re ever going to escape, we should do it now”
“Keith’s right. I don’t trust this” Bonnie sided with Keith.
The four of them stood and wanted to leave, when Veronica returned. Not with pizzas, though, with her crossbow.
“Leaving so soon?” she asked, jouer la comédie offended.
“What are toi doing?” Jeremy asked, backing away. He covered for the others. “Go through the backdoor” he hissed. Keith ran to the backdoor, but found it locked.
“Oh, toi guys are not going anywhere” Veronica a dit mischievous and she looked at Keith, Bonnie and Matt. She turned back to Jeremy. “You on the other hand” She fired and shot an Arrow in Jeremy’s leg. He screamed and collapsed.
“Get up” Veronica commanded. Jeremy held his leg with both hands and cried. “Get up ou I’ll shoot the girl”
Knowing Veronica would perform her threat, Jeremy scribbled up difficult. Veronica grabbed his arm.
“Everything toi need is in this house” she a dit to the other three. “There’s food, hot water, there’s television. Make yourselves at home, but don’t think about getting out, because toi can’t”
She dragged Jeremy to the front door. “We’re going for a ride”