“Veronica, wait up!” Jeremy yelled as Veronica opened the door of her car. She took a deep breath and tried to keep a straight face.
Jeremy scratched the back of his head, searching for words. “Did toi hear me talking inside? Because I was just talking to myself” he lied. He tried to read Veronica’s face to see if she was buying it.
“Of course toi were” Veronica replied in a serious tone. She stepped in and after she inserted the key in the ignition she looked back at Jeremy. “You need a ride?” she offered.
“Actually, I was going…” Jeremy started, but Veronica cut him off.
“Come on, Jer, toi can’t be serious about that” she scoffed. “You shouldn’t be alone in a time like this. If toi want I can take toi to your sister” She noticed Jeremy’s hesitation. “Okay, your call”
“Wait” Jeremy a dit just in time. He walked around the car and got in at the passenger’s side.
When Veronica parked her car in the parking lot of the hospital and they got out, they saw Bonnie walking out of the hospital.
“Isn’t that your friend?” Veronica asked, jouer la comédie innocent. Jeremy nodded and signaled at Bonnie. She noticed and headed towards them.
“Hello, Jeremy” Bonnie smiled. She pretended not to see Veronica. “Ehm…visiting hour’s over. They’re not letting anyone in”
“Oh” was all Jeremy could come up with.
“Okay” Veronica clapped her hand. “Moment of spontaneity. Why don’t we all crash at my place? We can call Matt and Keith and wait there until there’s news from Elena”
Jeremy and Bonnie traded glances.
“What? toi don’t trust me? Why would I want hurt you, guys? I’m just trying to make this town a safer place. Isn’t that what toi used to do, when toi were still a witch?” Veronica shot at Bonnie. “Keeping the vampires in check?”
Bonnie looked away. How long was everyone going to remind her of that?
“Alright, we’ll go with you” Jeremy gave in with a look at Bonnie. “But no plus past references, okay?”
“Sure, no problem” Veronica replied casual. “Now, who wants to drive shotgun?”