“Why exactly are we doing this?” Stefan asked Rebekah. They were standing in front of the Boarding House.
“Because I’m going to be part of your life now and I want to know everyone that’s important to you. Your brother is important to you, isn’t he?”
Stefan sighed. “Yes, he’s very important”
“Well, then get inside” Rebekah a dit and she opened the door, entering the house. “Hello?” An instant later a strong hand grabbed her throat and forced her against a wall.
“Who are you?” Damon asked threatening.
“Well, I guess toi must be Damon” Rebekah a dit soft.
“Damon, let her go” Stefan said. Damon rotated his head to his brother, but didn’t loosen his grip.
“Who is she?” he asked.
“She’s with me” Stefan said. “Let her go” he repeated. After one last look at Rebekah Damon reluctantly let go.
“What do toi want?” he asked short.
“See how toi doing?” Stefan said.
“I’m doing great” Damon answered grumpy.
“I get you’re not happy to see me” Stefan a dit uncomfortable.
“That has nothing to do with you, Stefan” Elena said, coming out of the kitchen. “It has to do with another bitch”
She walked towards them. “Who are you?” she repeated Damon’s question, but out of curiosity.
“Rebekah, I’m with Stefan” Rebekah introduced herself, reaching out a hand. Elena looked from Rebekah to Stefan and back.
“I didn’t know toi were seeing someone” she said. “But I’m glad you’ve moved on” Stefan frowned and looked from Rebekah to Elena.
“Oh, no, we’re-”
“We’re not officially together yet” Rebekah interrupted. “Stefan wants to keep it a secret. I don’t really get why, though. I mean, now that toi know, why be quiet about it, right?”
“Right” Damon said. “Well, thanks for stopping by. If toi have an elsewhere to be, please be there now”
“Damon!” Elena reproached, elbowing him. “Don’t be so rude. They can have dîner with us”
“No, Elena, it’s okay” Stefan said. “I don’t want to be of trouble and neither does Rebekah”
“No, that is absolutely not our intention” Rebekah a dit dramatic.
Damon looked at Elena. “See, no problem there”
“Okay, well, this was fun. Hope to do this some other time” Rebekah smiled. She linked her arm with Stefan’s and walked him to the door. When the door shut Elena rotated her head to Damon so fast she almost snapped her neck. “You’re unbelievable!” she a dit before heading to the living room.