Damon slammed the door open and breathed heavy through his nose. Though it was pitch dark, he could smell the scent of fresh blood. So could Stefan and Katherine. Stefan bent and touched the ground.
“I don’t understand” he mumbled desperate. “Amber is my friend. Why would she attack Elena?”
“Maybe because she’s a psychotic vampire?” Damon snapped sarcastic. He was having so many different emotions right now there was no room for pity for his brother. “Seriously, what were toi thinking? How long have toi known this chick? What made toi think toi can trust her? She tried to kill Elena before and yet toi let her in?”
Stefan, who had stand up during Damon’s tirade, went through his hair. “She a dit she was sorry and I believed her. It was stupid, I know that now” he exclaimed. He didn’t understand any of this. Amber was supposed to help him, but she totally turned her back on him. He shook his head in denial. Then he looked up, hit par realization. “Amber, what did Klaus ask you?” Amber freed herself and shot Stefan an annoyed glance. “Let go of me, Stefan. What Klaus and I had to discuss is none of your business. Now back off” she snapped all hostile.
“Klaus” he a dit soft yet everyone in the room could hear him. “He must’ve compelled her to attack Elena… He must’ve known”
Damon nodded scared.
“There’s something else toi should know” Stefan said. Now that they were about to find out he felt it only appropriate they heard it from him.
“Stefan, I really can only focus on saving Elena right now” Damon a dit agitated.
“I abducted Caroline” Stefan ignored Damon. “She’s not with her father”
“Whàt?” Damon said.
“I knew it!” Katherine triumphed at the same time. “Sorry” she added when everyone stared at her.
“Caroline knew too much, she had to be taken care of” Stefan explained.
“By taking care toi mean…” Katherine said.
“She’s not dead, but she’s a vampire and it’s a full moon tonight. And we have Tyler as well” Stefan a dit quickly. “Tyler would’ve find her absence suspicious”
“So toi took care of him, too?” Damon said. “Way to go, bro”
“I know where they are, but we have to déplacer fast. As soon as the moon has risen Klaus will take all vampires and loups garous on a hunt and let them kill anyone on their path, including Elena” Stefan said.
“You go ahead. Take Katherine with you” Damon said. He looked at Alaric. “We’re going to have a little chat with Bonnie”