Edward et Bella icone contest Round 16 The Volterra

willow96 posted on May 16, 2010 at 11:28AM
Hi everybody!!!I'm Willow96!!!Those days I had the idea to make an icon contest,here in the spot with our favourite couple from our favourite movie,Ebward and Bella from the Twilight saga.
So,do you want to know the rules?

Each week I will give you a theme or a scene and you will have to make an icon from thet scene or semilar with the theme.Then I will make a pick with all the icons you have made.The winner wins 3 points,the second one 2 and the third 1 point.
1.You must MAKE an icon,not just find one!
2You must put only ONE icon for each theme!
3.In the pick you mustn't vote for yourself!

First Theme:Their first kiss in Twilight
Second Theme:The Meadow
Third Theme:At Edward's house
Forth Theme:At Bella's house
Fifth Theme:The Bullet Studio
Sixth Theme:The Prom
Seventh Theme:Twillight Promos
Eighth Theme:New moon promos
Ninth Theme:Eclipse promos
Tenth Theme:At school
Eleventh Theme:In the forest
Twelveth Theme:Twilight movie
Thirteenth Theme:New moon movie
Fourteenth Theme:Eclipse movie
Previus Theme:Kristen and Robert
Current contest:Kisses
Next Theme:Volterra-New moon


Next Theme:Volterra-New moon

xClaireHolt 26 pointS
Crazychocolate 13 points
Shannon9396 12 points
TheDream 10 points
Iamdead 10 points
eurostar 5 points
lauracullen66 5 points
myka_0123 4 points
XNaley_XJames 3 points
vera_love 3 points
nevermind606 3 points
-alicecullen13- 2 points
ldylion4444 2 points
KatiiCullen94 2 points
callejahLUVSed 1 point
SunAngel 1 point
teamedward4evr 1 point
twilighter4evr 1 point

Now Volterra!!!!

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