salut guys! it's been a while, i hope toi like this story! :) it's based off of the movie "Unaccompanied Minors" but not exactly the same, just the main idea :)

I can't Believe I have to spend Christmas at my mom's. My name is Duncan Rivers, and me and my sister Gwen have to go to our mom's house because our parents are divorced. Apparently my dad thought my mom was cheating on him with the Gardener, which in reality was true. My mom told me that surprisingly.

I'm pretty sure it was my fault though, my dad thinks i'm the biggest screw-up on the planet, which I probably am. My mom just told me the Gardener story to make me feel better I guess, I know you're probably questioning why I live with me dad and not my mom.

Well my dad felt that just handing us over to mom would make him seem weak and like he just gave up. But I don't give a damn that they aren't together anymore.

The only person that ever actually cared about me was my sister Gwen. If toi saw us, toi could tell that we're related. I had black hair with a neon green mohawk, kinda hard to miss, various piercings, one on my eyebrow, 2 on my left ear, 3 on my right, and a nose piercing. No doubt I looked intimidating. Almost everybody at school is afraid of us.

Gwen has black hair just below the chin length with sarcelle, teal streaks in it, she was very pale, I mean we're both were pale but she was like almost ghost white.

She only had her ears pierced, and we both wear dark clothes, though mine is plus in the punk range while hers is plus gothic.

We're fraternal twins, Gwen's hair color is actually platinum blonde. We're both considered unaccompanied Minors even though we're 16 years-old. Our dad lives in Seattle and our mom lives in Albercuerque, so we have to take two planes, one from Seattle to Chicago, and another one from Chicago to Albercuerque.

Even though Gwen and I practically hate our dad, it's nice not having to go through the whole "I'll miss you!" and "Be careful!" crap. He just threw us on a plane and left.

I'm not that good at telling stories, so i'll just skip the plane ride from Seattle to Chicago. Once we got off the plane and into the Airport, it was like the freakin Mall of America. Stores all around, tight-ass security.

It would've been a fun place to mess with, but this guy came up to us and a dit "Hey you're the Rivers' right? Well, my name is Lanse Crapman." Whoa, whoa, whoa, did he just say Crapman? Man it'd suck to have that name in high school.

He then took us to the Unaccompanied Minors Room.