Dream High 2 ‘Dream High 2′ releases its third teaser

vanniluly posted on Feb 29, 2012 at 06:33PM
After teasing fans with two short teasers, the anticipated drama ‘Dream High 2‘ released a longer third teaser today.

The new teaser continued to show the tension between the privileged idols and the other students of Kirin Arts High School. It also showed an indepth look in to the underdogs Kang Sora and Jinwoon‘s life as they try to become singers.

In one scene Kang Sora fails an audition and begs on her knees for a second chance. As a judge, Kahi coldly tells her that her skills are sub par. She replies, “With those skills you can’t go anywhere. If they pick you anywhere else I will make you in to a singer”. Kang Sora angrily storms out and looks at a picture of the popular girl group with Jiyeon, Hyorin and Ailee. She remarks, “I am better than you guys, much better”.

Another scene depicts Jinwoon singing and playing a guitar for some change on the streets. The already popular JB steals the spotlight and their rivalry continues. Later JB tells Jinwoon, “If you have skills, why doesn’t the world know you?”. An angered Jinwoon clenches his fist and JB replies, “If you hit me I guess you’ll become famous”.

Looks like the story is unfolding, leaving more fans to count down the days till the season premiere episode on January 30th.

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