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 Blue Dragon
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 Western Dragon
Western Dragon
Hi guys, I would to write down my reasons why I l’amour this mythical creatures, ready?

1. Unique Powers

They possess unique powers, not just fire, but all of the elements like thunder & lightning just to name a few.

2. I'm One of Them

I feel blessed to born in the an of the Dragon, the Chinese believe that the dragons are luckiest creature in the Chinese mythology.

3. Dungeons & Dragons

This 2000 film got me fascinated in dragons, if somebody could teach me the game I will l’amour to play it one day!

Team Dragons!

So, if anybody is born in the an of the dragon like me. Please like and commentaire this list!
 Chinese Dragon
Chinese Dragon
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Father looked at the blood red egg. "Why do I have this feeling? Is it a sign from Draco, the creator of all dragons? Is this egg special?" He continued to stare at the egg. "Three plus days until hatch, honey." Mother said, cheerfully. "Oh, come to think of it, that's the eclipse! I'm so excited!" She exclaimed. Father sighed. "Why is she plus cheerful than all the dragons?" He muttered. "Because, that's how lord Draco made me, that's all." She a dit stiffly. "Great Draco, I forgot about her Draco-blessed ears." Father thought. He looked at all the eggs, all different. One icy-blue, one sea-green...
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