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buddyr1 posted on Jun 28, 2010 at 01:41AM
Welcome to Dragon Ball Online Download section

Below is dragon ball and its Download Link

Trailer Link


You need the english patch unless you speak korean

Download Link


English Patch


1) Download this.
2) Go to your DBO installation directory\pack default: c:\\netmarble\DBO\pack\ (My Computer->C:->netmarble->DBO->­pac­k)
4) Rename file lang0.pak to lang0backup.pak.
5) Move the edited file there.
6) You're good to go, have fun.

Registration Guide

Email Me for a Korean KSSN
so you can register your account


----------->KSSN Costs 35$ + 1 year subscription <--------------

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il y a plus d’un an buddyr1 said…

IF you want a DBO Online account ,,,, they are NOT FREE

35$ + 3 month subscription


also for a guide on character creation

il y a plus d’un an oihanemu said…
hi! hey there, I couldn't have it started, the download I mean, I have it there and it's since 4 pm or so like 0%... T_T
il y a plus d’un an akonvicted said…
Hi guys, I have bought my account for DBO on Newgameway.com for cheaper than what he said, they have secure and fast service :) the game is amazing ! have fun
il y a plus d’un an qdmbp said…
Hi people,
if someone have this game but cant play because dont have account the best way to get it is buying very very cheap it www.newgamway.com. They have very good service and delivery very quickly. You dont need nothging, no sms activation or problems with KSSN. When they recive money in 5 minuts you have your account and you can play :)