Dragon Ball Z Dragon Ball Themed icone Contest *CLOSED* (FOR NOW)

BraBrief posted on Jul 21, 2013 at 02:25PM
○ This game is simple! For every round I'll choose a theme and you'll have about 10 days to create an icon pertinent to it.

○ Here are the other rules:

- Icons must be squared. The size must be between 100 x 100 to 200 x 200. Other sizes won't be accepted.

- Don't use other people's icons.

- Don't use animated icons.

- You can use an icon you made before (but only if it is related with the current theme).

- Submit your creation as response.

- You can use pictures, screenshots and fanarts of any kind to create your icon.

○ After the deadline, other submission won't be accepted!

○ After the closing of the round, I'll create a poll where everybody can vote to pick the winner, choosing the favorite icon. You can vote for yourself, but only if you really think that your icon is the best.


1 prop to all the participants

2 props for the winner

Moreover, every 10 rounds I'll create a poll with the winners of each theme, and the winner of this will get 3 props.

Have fun! :)

Theme 1: A Bardock Icon | Winner HwoarangTkd
Theme 2: Goku on the Flying Nimbus | Winner doctorgoku
Theme 3: An icon representing one of the Seven Sins | Winner BraBrief
Theme 4: A scene from your favorite battle | Winner sun_shine
Theme 5: Trunks and Goten friendship | Winner HwoarangTkd
Theme 6: A character with a Dragon Ball | Winner Kiyama-Luna
Theme 7: Title of a song by your favorite artist | Winner BraBrief
Theme 8: An Android 17 Icon | Winner BraBrief
Theme 9: Your favorite technique | Winner HwoarangTkd
Theme 10: Halloween | Winner rileyferguson
Theme 11: Crossover with another anime | Winner Kiyama-Luna
Theme 12: Future Trunks and Trunks | Winner Kiyama-Luna

Rounds 1-10: Winner link.
 ○ This game is simple! For every round I'll choose a theme and you'll have about 10 days to create
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