Dragon Ball Z Super saiyan clan in blackop2

Gokuandvegeta posted on Jun 02, 2013 at 04:37PM
Hi dbz fans I love Dragon ball z its my favorite anime, so I decided to name my call of duty clan super saiyans gx. Now im working on a youtube channel and we are expanding rapidly, I would like to ask all you bdz fans to support my clans youtube channel as we make a push to grow even more known.

I was the #6 ranked demolition player in the world for call of duty mw3. with the gamertag goku and vegeta so lots of people know about us all ready.

Please check out my youtube channel (wearesaiyans) youtube.com/user/wearesaiyan and check out some of our recent videos. Like subcribe and comment the videos all you need is a youtube/google account.

Thank you and may dbz live on forever.

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