Dragon ball Z: Universe X
- Dragonball Z: Universe X -


Vegeta stood to his feet allowing Gohan and Trunks to also get to their feet whilst dusting themselves off a little. As they did so glacière did not déplacer from his spot, he just continued to have a smug look on his face due to his apparent immortality and ability to seemingly not die.

"Thanks Vegeta...I'm surprised though that toi were able to help us dodge that attack though." Gohan a dit without considering Vegeta's pride at the time.

"Hmph. Don't insult my Saiyajin pride Gohan. I may be outclassed as a Super Saiyajin but my battle intuition has not changed in the slightest." Vegeta a dit walking in front of Gohan and Trunks.

Trunks meanwhile remained quiet, he was admiring the boldness of his father as well as his proud attitude. He felt inspired and it made him think of how the past version of his father was which made him smile. 'My father's pride knows no bounds...but I am so proud of him regardless.' Trunks thought to himself knowing his father was a proud warrior...but Trunks was a proud son, he was proud of his father.

"I'll teach toi Frost Demon to mock...MY SAIYAJIN PRIDE!" Vegeta roared with intensity as his golden aura flickered to life and he sped vers l'avant, vers l’avant toward Cooler. glacière on the other hand prepared himself for Vegeta's attack.

Vegeta was prepared to throw an onslaught of blows to glacière despite his disposition in terms of power level, but it ultimately wasn't going to help as glacière snapped his hand to Vegeta's neck sending him flying sideways to the left effortlessly into the ground. As Vegeta slammed into the ground he was was laying face down, and his Super Saiyajin form had vanished as soon as he hit the ground.

"Face down in the dirt, exactly where that monkey belongs." glacière a dit with his smug look still present, as his head turned to the left whilst he aimed his left index finger towards Vegeta as energy began to gather at it's point. This caused both Gohan and Trunks to tense up as they both prepared to jump in and save Vegeta.

All of a sudden, Gohan vanished and then reappeared in front of glacière with his right palm placed on Cooler's chest. Gohan then pointed his left index and middle finger to his forehead with a smirk. glacière began to turn his head whilst still charging his Death Beam but it was too late as he and Gohan were moved to a different part of the planet.

'Incredible...Gohan was...so fast.' Trunks thought to himself completely surprised at how fast Gohan was compared to himself despite his own training in the Room of Spirit and Time. After Gohan and glacière had vanished, Trunks ran over to check on his father concerned about his well being after only just being revived.

As Gohan and glacière reappeared, Gohan pushed himself off of glacière and created some distance between them as glacière was clearly about to break one of his metallic veins in anger.

"Why you...how dare toi interfere with my revenge?!" glacière screamed out in frustration towards Gohan who was still smirking.

"You know...revenge isn't healthy." Gohan a dit in a cocky tone of voice shifting to a martial arts posture. This in turn just made glacière even plus angry.

glacière then vanished and appeared in front of Gohan who had been preparing for Cooler's assault, as he shoved his foot downward to the left catching glacière off guard before slamming his fist towards Cooler's face knocking him back a few foot steps. Gohan followed this up par thrusting his body vers l'avant, vers l’avant slamming his head into Cooler's that then sent glacière rolling backwards along the ground.

glacière came to a halt as he looked up at Gohan, he clearly wasn't pleased with how this monkey thought he could man handle him without consequence. But he then just simply smiled as he pulled himself up to his feet.

"You must think you're so powerful, huh monkey?" glacière asked as he began to walk towards Gohan who in turn put his guard up. "Let me ask toi this, do toi really think my power has not grown within the last 20 years? Do toi not think I might just be holding back against you?"

This caused Gohan to be caught off guard as he grit his teeth some. "You're lying!" Gohan shouted out as he realized that the potential for glacière to be holding back right now especially after 20 years of power increase was possible.

All of a sudden Cooler's fist was in Gohan's gut as Gohan gasped out for air before being sent backwards quite some distance. Gohan then pressed his feet into the ground pushing himself towards glacière in response to Cooler's blow. glacière in turn pushed himself vers l'avant, vers l’avant as the two aimed a blow at each other.

Despite Cooler's clear speed and power advantage he had slowed up and purposely missed Gohan who had also missed him. The two warrior's fists were mere inches to the side of their opponent's head as they both swung around slamming their other fists into each other side par side.

"It would seem we are at an impasse, monkey." glacière declared with a smirk towards Gohan.

"It would seem so, freak." Gohan retorted with in response to glacière whilst smirking himself.

The two then pushed back on each other landing a few metres apart, before jumping vers l'avant, vers l’avant and grasping each other's hands together in a struggle for power. As their hands clasped together both of their golden and white auras flickered together completely enlarging around the two in a mixture of light.

"Raaaaaah!" glacière screamed as his white aura powered up immensely in the face of his opponent.

"Yaaaaaah!" Gohan screamed right back as his own golden aura powered up immensely as well.

As their auras exploded and mixed together the ground beneath them began to crack and create a huge crater from their battle powers colliding and causing rocks to break up and float upward, that is until before glacière finally got the better of Gohan and began to balançoire, swing Gohan around throwing him away towards a giant mountain.

As Gohan flew backwards towards the mountain he spun around landing his feet on the side of the mountain with a smirk. He then thrust his arms vers l'avant, vers l’avant with open palms and began to charge two balls of energy up and feu them directly downward towards Cooler.

glacière smirked some as the blasts came at him and he did nothing to block them in fact he took the blasts head on as the contact kicked dust up around Cooler's location, and this in turn caused Gohan to cup his hands up on the spot.

"Ka...Me...Ha...Me..." Gohan began to call out, charging up his father's signature attack much plus quickly than he had previously.

As the dust nuage settled, Cooler's partially damaged body had already begun to regenerate as he noticed Gohan's energy attack building up. The metallic frost demon promptly began to fly upward towards Gohan.

"As if I'll let toi use that again!" glacière shouted violently as he suddenly vanished from sight before appearing right in front of Gohan catching the young Super Saiyajin par surprise.

However, Gohan quickly recollected his composure and smirked just as Cooler's hand was about to grasp for his throat as Gohan vanished in the same manner that glacière had done causing confusion on Cooler's face.

Suddenly Gohan reappeared behind glacière still charging his Kamehameha wave attack in his cupped hands, smirking all the while as he had caught his opponent off guard and was going to finally make him pay.

"HA!" Gohan screamed at the haut, retour au début of his lungs before thrusting his hands forwards blasting glacière from behind with the energy attack that engulfed the frost demon entirely.

Gohan noticed the robotic pieces, chips and broken parts falling from the aftermath of his attack as he flew downward landing on the ground preparing himself for Cooler's return. He was analysing everything that had occurred up until now and he was surprised that glacière had not countered his attack better.

"After all your boasting toi were defeated par my attack again. I'm disappointed in toi Cooler." Gohan stated wondering just what glacière was planning in his "destroyed" state.

glacière began to reform from the fragments created par his "destruction" before finally being reformed grasping his fists tightly, montrer off a pose similar to his brother had done on Namek in the past with both arms outward and his legs crossed toward a single point.

"Now then, where were we? Oh yes. I was about to montrer toi the inevitability of your future in this fight." glacière stated shifting to a plus combat like posture. "I'll reference what I a dit before. Because I'm still not at 100% of my power..." glacière a dit as his power began to sky-rocket and his body buffed up transforming into that of his "Fifth Form".

Gohan became staggered as he moved back several steps. "No way?! Your power has almost tripled in strength..." Was all Gohan could allow to escape his mouth before being slammed in the gut par the metallic Fifth Form Cooler's fist that sent Gohan flying backwards several moments later through several mountains.

"Well little monkey, how do toi like my full power? I admit I couldn't access it originally but I learned to over the last twenty years. And I must say it feels pretty good to pummel toi about." glacière declared in dominance.

Meanwhile on the other side of the planet, Trunks and Vegeta were still recovering from Cooler's assault of Vegeta who was still out cold. Trunks on the other hand was repeatedly trying to awaken his father with very little success whilst holding Vegeta's upper back in his arms.

Vegeta's body suddenly came to life in Trunks' arms as it jolted vers l'avant, vers l’avant with pure aggression and frustration in the look on Vegeta's face whose fists were trembling with rage.

"Where's Cooler?! Where is that freakish bastard?!" Vegeta screamed out in rage, his fists still trembling until his face turned to Trunks and noticed how he was holding him. "Erm...son...what are toi doing?" Vegeta questioned Trunks with a flabbergasted look on his face.

Trunks looked down at how he was holding his father and let go of him before standing up and coughing some. "I was just...worried about toi father." Trunks a dit looking to the side.

Vegeta turned his head to the side with a light flush on his cheeks. "Honestly, I was proud of toi until toi pulled something girly like that." Vegeta a dit before standing up himself and looking at Trunks. "But I suppose it's something toi got from your mother after all."

Trunks just smiled a bit making it obvious that he had. But then Trunks' facial expression turned serious as he spoke again. "Cooler and Gohan disappeared after glacière knocked toi out cold. I'm not sure what's going through Gohan's mind but..." Was all Trunks could say as his father cut him off.

"WHAT?! How dare he take my prize!" Vegeta yelled as he stomped his feet into the ground like a little kid. "So Gohan thinks because he's stronger than me he can be a hero like his father?! I'll say one thing...he makes me sick like his father!" Vegeta a dit still frustrated and angry.

Trunks just stood there for a moment devoid of any thought ou action as he watched the mongrel that his father was being...the mongrel of a father he had been raised up on as being such a proud Saiyajin prince. If his father had been anyone else Trunks would not have thought twice and punched him for badmouthing Gohan.

Instead Trunks simply felt sorry for his father, the father that had Lost out on 20 years of his life and so his mentality was 20 years too young. As Trunks was thinking this over in his mind, he was snapped out of his thoughts par his father's voice.

"Do toi at least know where they went Trunks?" Vegeta asked with a furious tone of voice as he shook his son some. "Well do you?!"

Trunks slowly shook his head as his father stopped shaking him. "No father...no I don't. I can't even sense Gohan's power level...which is crazy." Was all Trunks could respond with as he had been having a difficult time trying to find Gohan and Cooler's power levels were despite how big they had been.

All of a sudden both Vegeta and Trunks were hit par two monstrous power levels as the two simply looked at each other and nodded knowing exactly what it was they felt.

"If that isn't their power levels, I don't know what is Trunks." Vegeta declared charging up his typical normal blue aura and flying off towards where the two giant power levels were coming from.

Trunks smiled some seeing the change in his father as his usual white aura powered up around him and he too took off to fly towards the two power levels right behind his father.

On the other side of the planet, Gohan was laying face first down on the ground as he slowly started to push himself upward feeling intense pain from Cooler's staggering blow that sent him through several mountains. As Gohan pulled himself up he turned around to face the direction of glacière as blood was pouring down his face from the impact.

"Heh, is that all you've got Cooler?" Gohan a dit with a smirk, despite the clear damage his body had taken from the blood, dirt and bruising. It's like he was just asking for plus of a beating from the metallic frost demon.

glacière began to shake his head some as he prepared for another onslaught. "I don't think I've honestly encountered anyone who was plus pathetic than toi right now. So I've decided to make toi my personal punching bag!" glacière shouted out before darting vers l'avant, vers l’avant towards the beaten up Gohan.

Just as glacière got within range to land another devastating blow on Gohan, the young Super Saiyajin's body pumped up massively catching glacière off guard as his fist collided with Gohan's bulky arms that Gohan had raised in defence.

glacière was in honest shock as his strongest coup de poing was resisted par Gohan's arms which had pumped themselves up considerably to the point it seemed like they probably would have slowed Gohan down if he was moving.

"How?! How is this possible?!" glacière demanded from Gohan who was still quite resiliently holding off Cooler's fist with his bulked up arms.

"Well. toi aren't the only one who has gotten stronger in the last 20 years Cooler." Was all Gohan a dit as glacière moved away from Gohan landing a few metres away as Gohan's body returned to it's prior size, yet still somewhat bulky due to Gohan's Ascended Super Saiyajin form.

"Hmph. I must admit you've surprised me with this little power montrer of yours monkey. But ultimately your fate is still the same." glacière declared with a smirk on his face.

Gohan smirked rubbing his hand across the blood on his face before getting back into a posture and darting vers l'avant, vers l’avant towards glacière who prepared himself for Gohan's counter attack.

'Trunks wasn't kidding. That form definitely has a weakness and that is it's speed. I guess I was a fool for thinking that was Super Saiyajin 3. But...' Gohan thought to himself as he came closer to glacière as a huge smile came across Gohan's face.

All of a sudden the wind was knocked out of glacière and as he looked down he saw Gohan's fist slammed into his gut. The problem was, Gohan's arm was bulked up severely but the rest of him wasn't. Gohan then reduced his arm to normal size and bulked up his right foot and slammed it into Cooler's gut sending him flying backwards.

As glacière was being sent flying backwards Gohan vanished from his spot and reappeared behind glacière bulking up his right foot again before slamming his leg upward sending glacière flying upward into the air diagonally. To follow this up Gohan reappeared above glacière in the air as his foot had returned to normal, whilst his arms both bulked up as he axe handle slammed glacière downward crashing into the ground.

As Gohan stood in the air his arms returned to their normal size and he stared down at the dirt nuage that had kicked up from Cooler's impact into the ground. "I was wise to take advantage of the Ultra Super Saiyajin's power that's for certain..." Gohan a dit as his eyes did not déplacer from the dirt cloud.

Far away however, at yet another part of New Namek a group of individuals were gathered. Amongst them was Grand Elder Moori, Dende, Krillin and Bulma who were discussing how best to respond to their current situation.

"Can toi sense anything Krillin? Anything at all..." Bulma asked as she was worried about her husband and son and of course Gohan who may as well have been her son...what with Gohan's family having been dead for so long.

Krillin shook his head some but then his head snapped upward before looking to Bulma. "I can't sense Vegeta ou Trunks...not from this distance anyway. But Gohan...wow. I can sure feel his power even from this far away. But that's no surprise with how much power he's gained over the years." Krillin stated.

"As long as they are still breathing, I have faith that they will defeat this tyrant who looks much like Frieza. That is all we can do, have faith." Moori a dit as Dende stood beside him and remained silent.

Dende on the other hand had thoughts racing through his mind. He was so happy to finally see his best friend Gohan after so long that the concept of him dying yet again...it tore at Dende immensely. He also had been looking vers l'avant, vers l’avant to joining his Friends on Earth as well.

"I see...do toi think...do toi think Trunks and Vegeta were killed?" As Bulma asked this, it was obvious she was about to drop down into tears as she had only just gotten the two most important men in her life back...and the thought of losing them again was too much.

Krillin looked down before replying to Bulma's question. "I honestly can't say Bulma. We just have to hope and pray..." Krillin was honestly at a loss for words, it was weird that he couldn't sense Trunks ou Vegeta but there could also be any number of reasons for this.

Krillin was then hit with two surges of energy flaring up as he looked at Bulma seriously. "I sense them. They're alive Bulma!" Krillin declared as Bulma became excited once more.

"Yes! Now go defeat glacière toi guys!" Bulma shouted out thrusting her right hand cupped into a ball towards the sky as she hoped for Trunks, Gohan and Vegeta's victory against Cooler.

Trunks and Vegeta suddenly came to a halt as a silver figure came into their view, they then realized it to be none other than Cooler. The difference was that this glacière was in his Fourth Form not his Fifth Form. This triggered an emotional response from Trunks due to his relationship with Gohan.

"You...what did toi do to Gohan?!" Trunks yelled becoming enraged as he transformed directly into his Ascended Super Saiyajin form and then bulked up into his Ultra Super Saiyajin form in complete rage. "Answer me!" Trunks yelled again as Vegeta stared in complete awe.

"Hmph. And what if I a dit he's dead?" glacière responded with a smug grin on his face as he knew this would further enrage the Super Saiyajin who was about to snap from all the rage building up.

"Then I'll kill you!" Trunks screamed as his Ultra Super Saiyajin aura flared and his pupils vanished completely as he darted vers l'avant, vers l’avant in his attempt to destroy glacière where Gohan had seemingly failed to do despite the lack of his speed his form had.

glacière still had a smug look on his face as he gracefully moved to the side before turning in a rightward direction slamming his fist into Trunks' gut causing the young Ultra Super Saiyajin to cough up blood and déplacer backwards holding his own gut.

"Honestly, you're too slow monkey. toi should understand your own limits and toi should also understand my victory is assured." glacière declared as Trunks continued to cough from the blow to his gut, whilst Vegeta found himself unable to react.

"Shut...up..." Trunks barely managed to say as his muscles bulked down and he shifted from Ultra Super Saiyajin form to Ascended Super Saiyajin form. "I'll find some way...some way to defeat toi Cooler!" Trunks declared still in a fit ou rage.

glacière then appeared above Trunks catching him off guard. "Sure toi will." glacière a dit as he axe handle slammed Trunks downward causing him to crash into the ground below before looking towards Vegeta who completely tensed up.

"Well then Vegeta. The two strongest hopes this planet had have been defeated. Only toi remain and toi aren't even at my level any more. So I can assure toi I will take great pleasure in my revenge against you." glacière a dit as he waited to see how Vegeta would respond.

Vegeta became enraged all of a sudden as he flared up his Super Saiyajin aura despite the overwhelming odds. "Do toi expect me, the Prince of all Saiyajins to roll over like a dog for you? Like Frieza expected me to? Well I won't be mocked par your kind any more!" Vegeta yelled as he charged up an energy attack and attacked glacière with it before using the force of the attack to push himself downward towards the planet's surface.

The impact of Vegeta's attack had caused a dust nuage to form but after several moments glacière stood on the same spot without a scratch on him as the attack had been for diversion not offence. "I guess I should give the dog his dues. After all he always was a tactician and that is something I can't ignore." glacière a dit to himself aloud looking downward at Vegeta and Trunks.

Trunks began to stand up as he placed his hand on his face seeing his own blood on his hand before noticing that his father had landed on the ground. Unlike his father who had earlier reverted to his normal form after being hit par Cooler, Trunks remained in his Ascended Super Saiyajin form.

"Trunks my boy, we must go all out on this freak like yourself and Gohan did earlier. I'm not sure how we will defeat him if he is immortal...but we simply cannot allow him to kill us." Vegeta a dit almost calmly as he powered up as much as he possibly could.

"Well I had no intention of dying, and I also had no intention of letting him get away with killing Gohan!" Trunks yelled out in anger, as it was obvious the kind of relationship Gohan and Trunks had built up after Vegeta's death which Vegeta could clearly see.

Vegeta simply nodded before powering up his Super Saiyajin aura and flying off up into the air, Trunks did the same with his Ascended Super Saiyajin aura and flew off upward into the air to the side of his father as the two sped up in speed.

However Trunks increased his speed even plus so than his father as he bundled his right fist together aiming to send a blow for Cooler's head who moved to the side, thus making Trunks fly right past glacière who focused his attention on the oncoming Vegeta.

Vegeta then thrust both arms vers l'avant, vers l’avant before firing off a magnitude of blasts from both hands despite that Cooler's clear speed advantage made Vegeta's attacks look like they were very slow.

"Honestly, neither of toi two have the power to stop me. toi Lost your only fighter capable of doing so...which is unfortunate for you." glacière declared smugly before swivelling his body around and firing a blast towards Trunks.

Trunks brought up his arms in a crossed posture preparing to block the attack as he was blasted further away from glacière but managing to somewhat hold off Cooler's blast enough to nod towards his father in acknowledgement.

Vegeta seeing Trunks' acknowledgement pushed vers l'avant, vers l’avant colliding his right arm with Cooler's legs. However because his strength was so little he was only capable of tripping glacière before flying towards his son's direction.

glacière became frustrated par this but before he had a chance to react Trunks completely pushed Cooler's précédant energy attack away before speeding past his father and colliding his own right arm along Cooler's torso. Unlike his father however, the strength of his muscles in conjunction with his speed caused glacière to be divisé, split in two.

Trunks then pushed upward as he began to déplacer his arms in several key motions before thrusting both arms downward, with his fingers against each other and each index finger and thumb connecting together. "Burning Attack!" Trunks roared as he blasted a powerful energy blast that completely incinerated Cooler's upper half.

Vegeta quickly landed on the ground before bringing both his arms to each side, energy beginning to charge in the palms of both hands as Trunks watched on with a grin whilst Cooler's lower half was still attempting to regenerate. Vegeta then brought both his palms together as he fired off a blue ball of energy upward towards the lower half of glacière completely incinerating it as he smiled.

Trunks then landed downward on the ground as he reverted back to his normal form letting his long purple hair fall down as he watched Vegeta power down to his normal form too and the two then prepared to fly off in the direction they had sensed Gohan's energy spike from before until their eyes widen in horror.

Meanwhile, Gohan was still stood in the air looking downward as the dust nuage finally cleared. glacière had already gotten to his feet and was staring right back up at Gohan somewhat impressed par the young Super Saiyajin.

"I will give toi credit, where it is due at least. In the last 20 years nobody has managed to inflict an ounce of damage to me. But you...you've done it not just once...but TWICE. But that is the only credit I will give you." glacière a dit as he vanished and reappeared in front of Gohan who was about to protect himself, but glacière grasped his large arms around Gohan but quicker.

As Cooler's arms came around Gohan he began to crush Gohan's body with his enhanced strength from the Big Gete Star. Gohan couldn't believe how strong glacière truly was...nor did he realize just how much glacière had held back during their earlier fight...only now did he see just how powerful glacière was.

"Ahhhhhhghhhh" Gohan screamed out at the haut, retour au début of his lungs as he felt his entire body being crushed par Cooler. Gohan also was finding it difficult to breath before feeling some of the Bones in his body breaking under the stress Cooler's arms were putting his body under. Gohan was truly feeling a fear he had not felt...for years.

In Other World, Current Age – 789

Several figures were stood on the same planet as before, but the focus this time was on two individuals. One of them was the blue being who had allowed Trunks to speak with his mother previously known as King Kai, the other was a man whose black hair seemed to spike in every direction.

The black haired man seemed to be frustrated to such a degree that it could be clearly seen on his face as his teeth were grinding together furiously. The man began to spread his legs some as his arms bent upward and his hair shot upward and instantly changed to a golden hue. As this was occurring all those around the man took notice especially King Kai who was becoming concerned.

The now golden haired man's hair began to spike up even plus so than before as electricity surged around his very being, montrer his power ascension. However as he went to further power up to yet a new level he was stopped in his tracks suddenly. King Kai placed his hand on the warrior's arm, causing the warrior's head to turn still full of anger and rage as King Kai shook his head.

This caused the golden haired man to suddenly power back down to his normal appearance as his hair became black once more, and was no longer spiked upward. The man then dropped down to his knees looking downward at the ground as his hands were shaking.

"I'm sorry Goku. I understand how toi feel, but toi know that-" King Kai had a dit as he was cut off all of a sudden.

The man known as Goku shot upward and turned around to King Kai in a new fit of rage. "You understand how I feel? Seriously?! toi CANNOT understand how I feel King Kai." Goku a dit as he laid a cold stare towards King Kai...a man he once respected unquestionably.

"Goku, that's not what I meant..." King Kai a dit feeling like he had a dit the worst possible thing to the man who was once his most cherished student. He found it hard to now look Goku in the eye with the cold stare Goku had aimed at him.

"You aren't the one who had to watch both your son and wife die before your very eyes...and not be able to do a damn thing about it!" Goku roared with intensity as his anger was not letting up in the slightest. "And toi want me to just watch my only son die a seconde time?!" Goku roared once plus in his fit of anger.

This made King Kai and especially Goku's Friends who were around him to fall silent. Goku was right about one thing, none of them had to watch a wife ou son die knowing they could do nothing about it, least of all King Kai.

Goku finally let his anger up as he walked away from King Kai and his Friends closing his eyes. "Never speak to me again King Kai. I'm done following your rules and regulations. I won't allow my son to die a seconde time..."

On Planet New Namek, Current Age – 789

It was then in Gohan's peril that he began to have a flashback to when he was still in Other World. Ironic that he would have a flashback at such a time when he was quite literally staring into the abyss of death itself, again.

In Gohan's flashback he saw himself and his father Goku standing on the far side of King Kai's planet training so that when Gohan could finally be revived he would be strong enough to defeat the Androids on Earth ou any other threat for that matter.

"I'm impressed Gohan. Not only were toi quick to pick up on the Instantaneous Movement technique I learned from the Yardrats, but toi have also achieved the seconde level of Super Saiyajin. I'm proud of toi son."

Gohan smiled at his father, who he was proud to call father. "I simply had a great teacher." Gohan responded with referring to his father as the 'great' teacher he had mentioned.

Goku simply smiled back. "I have just one plus technique to teach you. Now normally...King Kai himself would have to teach you. But under the circumstances I will teach toi it instead...because toi will need every trick toi can use against those androids, ou any other threat. Don't simply do it for my sake, but do it for the death of your mother."

Gohan nodded his head, as the images of his mother dying in his arms still very clear as jour in his mind as he began his last stage of training with his father.

That was when Gohan's flashback ended as the pain being induced par Cooler's raw strength brought him out at that moment. But for some reason glacière finally stopped trying to crush Gohan's body, yet held him firmly not allowing him to escape.

"Tell me, do toi have any last words before I crush the remaining life out of your body monkey?" glacière asked speaking confidently towards Gohan who looked like he was about to lose his life.

"Yeah...Super...Kaioken!" Gohan muttered out in a low shout as his body exploded in a combination of two coloured auras, namely a yellow Super Saiyajin aura and a red Kaioken aura. The overwhelming power caused glacière to let go of Gohan and stutter backward some.

Whilst still briefly maintaining his Super Kaioken, Gohan rushed vers l'avant, vers l’avant sending a devastating blow to Cooler's gut which quite literally sent glacière flying backwards slamming through several large rocks before evidently crashing into the ground for several metres.

Gohan began to pant heavily as the reddish aura faded away and only his Super Saiyajin aura remained, he then began to cup his hands before feeling an awkward pain in his ribs. Despite the pain he felt, he began to charge a blue energy ball in his hands.

In Other World, Current Age – 789

On a familiar planet in Other World, King Kai was intently watching the fight between glacière and Gohan. He clearly was paying attention to this rather than Trunks and Vegeta's fight with the other Cooler. That was when his antennae moved about responding to the situation as someone stepped towards King Kai.

The figure that moved towards King Kai had a smaller figure near them, the taller figure most notably had a third eye at their forehead and wore a mostly green piece of clothing. The haut, retour au début half of their clothing however only covered half of their torso, whilst the smaller figure looked plus like a small clown.

"King Kai, what is it? Tell us what's happening on New Namek." The taller figure a dit towards King Kai, who was hardly paying attention at the time to those around him as he was focusing on Gohan's battle intently.

"I don't really know what to say Tien...as toi know from what Goku a dit Gohan was in trouble, that is for certain. But...what Gohan just used..." King Kai a dit before turning his head towards Goku. "Is not possible."

Goku suddenly came to a stop before turning his head around towards King Kai, Tien and several others that were his close friends. "Not possible toi say? And why do toi say that?" Goku a dit as he completely turned around waiting for King Kai's response.

King Kai also turned to face Goku as a look of irritation came across King Kai's face. "You know exactly why Goku. The Kaioken is my technique, and yet...Gohan possesses it."

Tien and the few others seemed surprised on what the particular issue was as there was a growing tension between Goku and King Kai. "If I may ask...why is that bad?" Tien a dit honestly wanting to know just why it was.

"I'll tell toi why Tien. Because only King Kai is allowed to teach that technique, but Gohan did not learn it from King Kai. He learnt it from me." Goku a dit not taking his eyes off of King Kai despite talking to Tien. "Because of Other World's laws...Gohan refused to be trained par King Kai. So instead I trained Gohan. So naturally I gave Gohan an ace up his sleeve, the Kaioken."

King Kai had remained silent, as after all he knew all this to be true. "Goku, toi act as though I never cared. It has pained me to have to watch the Earth suffer as it has. But Other World's laws are absolute. There can be no exceptions to the rules...but toi have undermined me Goku. And it would seem Gohan now pays the price for that."

Everyone, including Goku was taken aback par King Kai's comment. "W-what...do toi mean...if Gohan has used the Kaioken there should be no prob-" Goku began to say before cutting himself off realizing just exactly why using the Kaioken was such an issue now for King Kai.

Goku gripped his fists for a moment before speaking. "Was...was he a Super Saiyajin when he used it?" Goku asked now montrer plus concern for Gohan's well being that his annoyance with King Kai over the laws of Other World.

"Yes, he was and still is. And considering he was having the life crushed out of him par Cooler...he is probably going to die soon." King Kai said, not wanting to say those words but knowing that he needed to make Goku aware of his own mistake in teaching the technique to Gohan without his authorization.

Goku began to suddenly have a look of fear on his face as he dropped down to his knees with his hands on the ground. "What...have I done...I taught him that...to use against the Androids..." Goku almost seemed like he was about to cry. "The Super Kaioken...is the use of combining the energy of Super Saiyajin and Kaioken...but such a combination takes a extremely massive toll on the body...even someone whose dead. So for Gohan to use it...would be even worse." Goku a dit explaining plus for Tien and the others since King Kai was probably aware of this.

"To make matters worse. Gohan wasn't just a normal Super Saiyajin either. From what toi explained to me before Goku...he was using the Ascended Super Saiyajin form...which means the toll was even greater on Gohan than toi previously thought. If I had to guess...he's broken his ribs after what glacière did to him." King Kai said, as his antennae began to react once plus sensing Gohan preparing the Kamehameha Wave.

On Planet New Namek, Current Age – 789

Gohan had several beads of sweat rolling down his face as he gritted his teeth from the pain in his ribs, which were most likely broken due to using Super Kaioken whilst already having been injured par Cooler's crushing his body. Despite all this, Gohan was focusing every bit of his attention on the downed glacière and his own charging Kamehameha Wave.

glacière on the other hand started to bring himself to his feet some as his own eyes laid focus on Gohan. All he did was smirk being surprised yet again par a monkey's fancy little tricks but he showed no signs of alarm of fear at all. In fact he was happy that each of these monkeys was fighting to the amer end.

"Ka...me...ha...me..." Gohan began to say as the energy ball in his cupped hands began to enlarge truly proving that Gohan was putting every last remaining amount of energy into this attack. As soon as Gohan acknowledged that glacière was up and coming towards him he prepared the final commencement of his attack.

Suddenly, Gohan found that both his arms had become restrained and thus his attack had been cancelled out like that. When Gohan turned his head towards the right, he saw glacière was holding his right arm. Gohan then looked to his left to see a seconde glacière was holding his left arm...and try as he might Gohan couldn't break free.

Cooler, ou rather the glacière that Gohan had been fighting appeared in front of Gohan. The main difference was that this glacière was in his fifth form...whereas the two holding Gohan's arms were both in their fourth form. This situation simply threw plus confusion towards Gohan who continued to struggle.

"Struggling to get free and understand your present situation are toi monkey?" glacière asked confidently enjoying the sight of Gohan feeling so helpless. glacière was so confident that he had now ultimately dominated Gohan, that he returned to his fourth form right in front of Gohan's eyes as his grasped Gohan's face with his hand.

"That's right. There isn't just one of me...I'm not immortal after all. I'm just able to make clones and rebuild those clones, making toi ultimately powerless against me. But I will tell toi one thing, those other two monkeys...they're dead." glacière a dit with a smirk before ramming his fist into Gohan's gut causing him to fall unconscious.

Meanwhile, Vegeta and Trunks remained in shock as they witnessed what appeared to be at least a dozen metallic figures appearing over the horizon. It was certainly clear that these metallic figures were none other than Cooler...or rather Cooler's clones but it still left the two Saiyajins in shock.

"I-impossible...how can this be..." Vegeta stuttered his words as he a dit this. Until now he had believed that glacière was simply able to regenerate like Namekians and thus was pretty much immortal since he always came back. But this...simply flipped the situation on it's head.

"I'm not sure what's going on father...but we cannot back down from this!" Trunks declared as he regained his composure. He had been fighting against odds all his life, now wasn't going to be any different. "It doesn't matter if there's one immortal Cooler...or a dozen...we are Saiyajins and we must fight and protect our Friends and family!" Trunks a dit once plus as his Ascended Super Saiyajin aura burst to life before zooming vers l'avant, vers l’avant toward the dozen Coolers that stood their ground preparing to zoom towards himself and Vegeta.

Vegeta began to look downward as his fists were gripped tightly. Thoughts were circulating inside of Vegeta's head as he listened to what his son had to say. "To be a Saiyajin...to fight for what that stands for. That is pride...and nobody has plus pride...than me. The Prince of all Saiyajins!" Vegeta declared as he looked up and stared into what might be the abyss for himself and his son in the form of a dozen Coolers. His Super Saiyajin aura burst to life like his son's as he also zoomed towards the masses of Coolers like his son.

It was plain as jour that Vegeta and Trunks would not survive this fight...but still the two Saiyajins charged vers l'avant, vers l’avant into what they both believed would be their final fight...before dying again. And had that been Cooler's true objective...the entire universe would most likely have been at Cooler's mercy from that jour forward...but why had this not been the case for the last 20 years and why did glacière only decide now to attack New Namek. Only time would tell those answers.