100 years into the future after the defeat of Majin Buu, and the earth is in peace. The world has been on a slow and long road to recovry from near destruction at the hands of the legendary Majin Buu, but with technology advancing leaps and bounds, and the official acceptance of the Saiyan race on earth, everyone eventually moved on from that devastating time. However, in this era of peace, an evil that even Goku only managed to scratch the surface of has returned from the far reaches of the universe.

This evil, that has been hiding itself away for the last 150 years, is possibly the strongest race of warriors to ever exist,second only to the race of Kai.The Arcosians.The Arcosians are a race that has existed for millions of years, and were well known to be able to destroy entire galaxies with only a small team across the universe. Several of the earth's greatest enemies, such as Frieza, Cooler, and King Cold were all Arcosians, with the three aforementioned ones belonging to the royal family.

After the entire Arcosian royal family was killed par a few Saiyans, which eventually spread througout the universe, the Arcosians, in their shame, dissapeared without a trace. But now,having returned and mysteriously stronger than ever, set their sites on the current accueil of the Siyan race in order to get revenge. Meaning? They plan to destroy earth, along with eradicating the Saiyans. Permanently.

What neither the Saiyans, nor the Arcosians themselves know is that a mysterious figure has been manipulating the Arcosians, another being who despises Saiyans to the extreme, and who may have an even darker scheme ahead. Meanwhile, the Arcosians also have an alterior motive. They had also heard of the Dragon Balls, that could grant any wish, and plan to use this power to ressurect the Arcosian God, Chilli, who was rumored to be much stronger than anything the warriors of earth have ever faced.

(Side Note:The Saiyans, since the events of the Majin Buu saga, have grown fairly large within the last 100 years. Because of their growing size, eventually the earth was forced to recognize them as a seperate race from earthlings.There are currently around 300-500 saiyans.

Also, despite the fact that it was confirmed toi can't go super saiyan unless your at least quarter Saiyan, i'm going to say that if toi have any natural Saiyan blood, toi have the potential to become super saiyan. And since i'm continuing the dragon ball series from the Buu saga and completely ignoring GT, super saiyan 4 has yet to be discovered yet.Though it does still exist,along with Super Saiyan God Mode.)

Sound cool?Sound bad?Whadd'ya think?And if toi notice,i named the Arcosian God "Chilli".Chilli could sound cold,like Chilly weather,but going off of Akira's theme of food,it could also mean the nourriture Chilli.Clever huh?

Anyway, i have a club for this, titled "Dragon Ball G". If your really interested in this storyline, and maybe want to help with it in any way,go there! I plan to have an RP, maybe a manga, and a written story,and....