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posted by JacobDXCfan4eva
Apia's options were limited; this she knew well. She had only one choice she wasn't sure if it was the right one but she would soon find out. She knew how pathetic and compleley useless it seemed but it was either that ou Radditz got killed.

"K-Kakarot listen to me, toi don't want to kill him." she choked.

Goku looked at Piccolo and then back at Apia "He'll kill everything if we let him go."

"Y-You're wrong, would toi really kill your own brother for the sake of this planet."

Goku shook his head "This planet is my accueil and until toi learn that toi will suffer greatly."

Apia was out of options he wasn't cracking like she had planned she was willing to do anything to save Radditz.

"I'll give toi anything, Planets, wealth, myself everything can be yours all toi have to do is spare him."

Goku looked pained "I don't care about having Planets ou money and no matter what toi have done I'd never use toi for my personal needs. toi took the risk of coming here without knowing what everyone was capable of on this planet, and as much as I hate to do this I have to kill the only family I have left to protect the innocent."

"Look I promise, better yet I swear that if toi let him go I won't kill not one single soul."

Goku looked at her "You swear?"

Apia felt sharp pain all throughout her body and jerked "Yes." Radditz stared at her not able to cope what he was hearing.

Apia felt her body grow weaker and weaker and blacked out crashing her head to the ground.

Radditz growled "She needs medical attention!" Radditz picked her up bridal style.

"Don't just stand there, where do I take her?"

Goku nodded and flew into the air.

"We'll take her to Capsule Corp. Piccolo I need toi to take Gohan back to my house, tell my wife I'll be a little late for dinner."Piccolo nodded and released Gohan from the pod.

Goku quickly flew to Capsule Corp.

Radditz followed close behind. How come Kakarot fell for her trick so easily, if it was a trick.

He looked down at her lifeless body, he straightened her up slightly to prevent pain in her neck. (without anyone noticing)

Goku landed perfectly on to the grounds of the scientific institute known as Capsule Corp.
Bulma walked out and met face to face with her best friend.

"Chi-Chi just called she's worried sick, I'll see what I can do." she motioned the Saiyan brother's inside.

"Welcome to Capsule Corporation the most famous and successful I might add scientific engineering company in all the world." Radditz observed the large building the technology was almost as advanced as those of the Tuffles. Bulma walked into a room that was pure white with a table, tableau in the center of the room.

Radditz set her down gently and crossed his arms.

Bulma observed the figure and took her blood pressure and temperature.

"Oh my god! Bulma gasped.

Goku jumped to action "What's wrong?"

"H-her blood pressure is normal but her temperature is 150!"

Radditz see the problem "So..." she looked at him.

Bulma turned ignoring her shock and took a shot of morphine from one of the cabinets.

Goku panicked "Needle!" he ran out the door leaving Radditz to watch as she inserted the morphine.

"What are toi doing to her?" he snarled.

"Relax, this is just going to ease her pain, your girlfriend will be fine." he blushed.

She giggled slightly "There she should feel better in a few hours."
She walked par him and left him to watch Apia as she slept.

Despite his hate toward the pathetic Planet and everyone on it he felt some what at peace with the whole thing. Just watching her breath released inner stress.

As Apia slept she was drawn toward an opening ou a dream:

As she went through the opening she saw lightning streak the sky, thunder rumbled shaking the ground she knew she was on Vegetasai. Then the surface cracked and a bright light suddenly come from the sky and a loud battle cry appeared from the sky.


And then everything went black.

"Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep!" the cœur, coeur monitor was smoking and then exploded.

Bulma ran in the room "What happened!"

Apia shot up her chest heaved as she longed to catch her breath.

She looked at Radditz.

"Frieza." she stated that one word that a dit a billion things.
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