Maybe I shouldnt have played tag with Marron so long. ou sparred with Gohan before that. ou even have ran from Juuhachigou as she screamed at me for have using up all her shampoo. Cuz maybe it wouldnt have amounted up to the situation I was in now. An embarressing situation. It had happend like this: I had been at the park with Marron. It had been an average, sunny afternoon, there was no one else at the park so we had for ourselves, and Juuhachigou was at the Kame House, not giving me grief. Life was going fine. I'd even bought Marron an ice cream cone. Strawberry. Her favorite. And the two of us were now sitting on a bench, taking a brief break after our extreme game of tag. "Can I have a lick?" I asked leisurely. Marron held her cone out to me. "Sure, Daddy. As much as toi want. After all, toi bought it!" I couldn't have asked for a better daughter, I thought as I took a slurp. "So, kiddo, whatcha wanna do now?" Marron handed me the rest of the cone. "Save this for me? I wanna take a swing." I didnt even ask how he was supposed to do that. Just a nonchalant, "Ok, sure." So my daughter and I made our way to the toddler swings, me lifting her up and placing her comfortably inside. I had often wondered what the hell Marron was doing in a toddler balançoire, swing when she could balançoire, swing perfectly par herself. But Juuhachigou had always told me that it was because she was afraid that Marron would fall off backward on a regular swing. Marron's sweet voice and the sounds of chains squeaking shattered my thoughts. "Erm---- what'd toi say, darling?" "I said," the little blonde repeated, "Why dont toi balançoire, swing suivant to me? I get lonely on here, Daddy." I shrugged. "I dunno. I guess cuz the balançoire, swing suivant to toi is one of the toddler ones." "But you're small, Daddy. Small and short," my daughter insisted innocently. "You could fit." "Eh, Marron, i'm pretty sure I couldnt. Im an adult.    " Marron wrinkled her nose. "Adult? But Mama says you're vert-ically chal-len-ged, ou something." Not a least bit surprised, I frowned, raising an,eyebrow. "Oh, did she now? Well at least I'm not horizantally challenged." "Why? Is Mama?" The little blonde asked. I blinked. "What? No! You're mother has a fabulous figue, fig . . . ." And I trailed away after recieving a confused look from my daughter. "Um, never mind." "C'mon, Papa," Marron pleaded. "Just squeeze in!" "Fine!" I gave in, climbing in the toddler balançoire, swing suivant to my daughter. "As long as no one else shows up." So I wriggled down into the tiny seat, shoving my legs down the holes. It sorta squeezed my thighs. "This isnt very comfortable, Marron," I whined childishly. "It kinda hurts." "Dont worry," my daughter assured. "Just swing, Papa! Swing!" Only my thighs were so squished that I could hardly move. The sides were scratching them raw. And masquitoes were buzzing around my knees and I couldn't bend down and brush them away! To make things worse, a lady and her child passed the playground to walk the trails and saw me. The child began laughing like a dork and I felt my face reddening. "Ok, Marron, I'm gonna get out now." Marron didnt even pout. "Ok." And so I made to get up, lifting myself up. But I didnt budge. Ok, fine, I wasnt budging. I could just try again, right? So I did and still didn't move. A panicked little yelp escaped me. I was stuck. Hopelessly stuck. "Oh, no," I moaned. "No, no, no, no, no!" I tried pushing my self up again, but my thighs were stuck too deep in and hurt a ton when I'd tried. Dammit, I wasnt strong enough. The game of tag and sparring and running for my life had winded me of my ki. But mostly the game of tag. Cuz Marron had had never ending energy like her mother. But seriously, I was stuck in a toddler balançoire, swing and couldnt get out. Not cool at all. And I was scared. Scared that people would come and see me, ou that I would never be able to get out. "Papa, what's wrong?" Marron asked me, seeing my flighty expression. "Im alright," I lied, thinking of a solution. I atempted to feu ki at the chains. That had to work! "Ha!" I cried, shooting a yellow beam from my palm. And my jaw dropped in horror as my beam bounced of the chains and flew into the distance. No fuckin way. What kind of chains were those?! I tried it again, only stepping it up a notch. I held up a palm. "Destructo Disc!" A small circulular disc appeared on my hand and dissaptated. My ki was gone, I realized. I'd used it all with that first useless beam. And now, there was only one solution left. Only one left. A terrible one. But I had to try it. I twisted to my right side, slipping my hand into my pocket, pulling out my phone. I quickly searched the contacts and listened to it ring for a second. "Hello?" A nasally voice answered. Oolong. "Yo, Oolong, it's Krillin," I said. "Is Juuhachigou there?" I asked it almost pathetically. "Oh, she's around," the pig replied nervously. "Well, give her the phone!" I ordered. "Juuhachigou!" I heard Oolong call. "What?" My wife snapped irritably from the background. "Your lover's jabbering in my ears. Come take him off my hands." "Oooolooong!" I hissed, annoyed. He ignored me and handed the phone over, I guess, cuz then I heard Juuhachigou's rough, but smooth voice in my ear. "What do toi want, Krillin? You're supposed to be spending time with Marron. No calls accepted." "I am, Juu, I am!" I insisted frantically. "Please don't hang up! Listen, I sorta . . . have a problem." "Is it a problem with Marron?" Juuhachi asked. If toi listened real hard, toi could hear a twinge of concern in her voice. "No, no," I assured quickly. "She's fine. I just . . . kinda need your help." "What's new?" Juuhachigou muttered sarcastically. "Juuhachigou!! I'm in a life-or-death situation, here!" I growled. "Life ou death, huh? Like being mauled par tigers?" Ahh, my wife and her pleasant thoughts. I inhaled deeply. "Um, no, not that deadly, but ----" "Well, if it's not deadlier than tigers, then it's not worth my time," Juuhachigou declared shortly. "And besides, toi can handle tigres anyway." "But, Juuhachi!" I begged. "I NEED you!" "Oh, DO, toi now?" "Yes, I----" At that moment, a guêpe decided to buzz par my ear, causing me to flinch and toss my mobile into the air. "Shit!!!" And fortunetly, to my relief, it landed on Marron's lap in the balançoire, swing suivant to me. She held it to her ear. "Mama? . . . Oh, I'm fine . . . I had a good time! . . . Papa? . . . Uh, he's jammed in a baby swing." I felt color rise to my cheeks. The whole time Marron had been talking, I hadn't once heard Juuhachigou's side of the conversation . . . until I'd heard her laughter and gasps coming from my phone. "S-stuck in a . . . b-baby balançoire, swing . . . ?!" plus snickers. "Are toi gonna help me ou what, Juuhachigou?" I demanded hotly after my cell was handed back. "I was planning to, Krillin," my wife replied after her fit of laughter had ceased. "Just to see how far in you're stuck." "Gee, thanks," I mumbled, hoping she'd arrive soon because my legs were aching like crazy. And then I hung up.