Dr. James E. Wilson Couples Game

Chandlerfan posted on Aug 06, 2008 at 01:51PM
I'm guessing you guys know how to play this game anyway but if you don't, here are the rules:
- each turn you can subtract a point and add a point
- you have to wait until someone else has posted before you post again

Btw I know some of these Wilson couples are, well, weird but some people ship them so...don't ask. And also the game would be way too short otherwise!

Wilber will be included because they're such a great couple! ^-^

Here are the couples:

Wilson&Amber - 20
Wilson&Cuddy - 20
Wilson&Cameron - 20
Wilson&Thirteen - 20
Wilson&House - 20
Wilson&Chase - 20
Wilson&Foreman - 20
Wilson&Kutner - 20
Wilson&Taub - 20

Last 3 left will be declared winners!

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