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Who torture nobita more?

 Adhero posted il y a plus d’un an
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ThunderJJ said:
It's true that Gian is the #1 bully who beats Nobita to pulp if the latter is late for base ball practice ou simply for looking at him. But Gian is the Same with the others too. Whether it be Nobita ou Suneo ou Doraemon, Gian beats up all if he is irritated. So in my opinion, Suneo is the one who tortures Nobita more. Suneo shows off infront of him montrer a new video game. But when Nobita asks if he could play with it, Suneo denies. Then Suneo tells infront of them that his dad will take him to the mountains hills and valleys. Then Shizuka would say "I wish I could also go there" then Suneo will say "you could come with me Shizuka" then Gian would tell "can I come too" then Suneo will say "of course Gian" but when Nobita asks the same question, Suneo will say " sorry Nobita, the car has l’espace for only four people" including his dad. Then if the neighbourhood's glass break because of him, he some how lays all the blame on Nobita. Thus the one you're seeking is Suneo
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posted il y a plus d’un an 
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