The tears in her eyes are real tears, and still she waits for him to come back. She waits for her l’amour and still just her and the wind on this lonely beach. The tears in her eyes threatening to spill on to her cold cheeks as she took a deep breath. toi could see the pain in her eyes as she stood and looked right back into his eyes and could see the same amount of pain and maybe even more.

"Tell me the first sentence toi a dit to me when we came here for the first time ever." Rose said. "Does it really need saying?" the Doctor asked Rose. "Yes, just tell me!" Rose yelled back at him. He walked over and whispered the sentence in her ear. "I l’amour you." They had a strong l’amour that seemed like it would never end but it had to. "I'm sorry I'm so sorry but I have got to go. toi can live here with your mother and toi will be fine. I'll come back someday I promise!" "Don't go not now!" "But I have got to go!" " toi can't just leave me here!" "I'll come back I promise! I've really got to go!" "BUT toi CAN'T!" " I'm sorry."

As the sun was setting in Bad loup baie the Doctor stepped into his beautiful ship and it has been two years and he has still not returned. As Rose sits on the plage the rain hides her tears as the water runs down her cold face she still waits for him to come back.