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BOLT744 posted on Feb 07, 2010 at 07:41PM
bolt mittens rhino and penny are sitting in the living room watching tv when they hear barking and growling. they think its just a territory battle and continue to relax. a few minutes later, they hear a dog whine in pain outside. they rush out the door and find a bloody dog. bolt runs to the dog and says: ARE YOU OK!... wait you look familiar... do i know you? the blooded dog looks up at bolt and says:BOLTY! it is so nice to see you again!
again? bolt asks. but before the dog could answer penny picked him up. bolt wonders as they take the dog to the vet: what was that all about? after the vet healed the dogs wounds bolt asks the dog what did you mean by "again"? the dog answered: you dont remember me? its me your brother max! bolt asks: brother?... max?... now i AM confused! max then said: if we go to silver lake animal rescue... i can show you that we ARE siblings!
bolt said: ok, lets go! to be continued...
sorry ran out of ideas!

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il y a plus d’un an boltlover said…
in my idea bolt got mixed up in the GERMAN shepherds from the ALL-AMERICAN shepherds from the lady, then before she took him out, penny got him. Then i showed voltoria seeing that they had to put down bolts mom because she lost to much blood in the birthing process. :( She will always be remembered.
il y a plus d’un an boltfan2012 said…
cool story maybe for bolt 2