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Here it is..

(This is all fictional. Respect my imagination, if not, don't read this. Status Update: Incomplete.)


“That one,” young Penny Forrester beamed as she put her face to the glass of the puppy tank in the middle of the 'Silver Lake Animal Rescue' pet shop. She had her eye on a small, energetic American shepherd puppy. The sun shone vividly into the warm shop, leaving behind a happy feeling. The man at the front office walked over to the tank and reached inside, saying, “Here, boy,” lifting up the white puppy. As he set the puppy into Penny's arms, the puppy happily licked her. Penny giggled, “You're heavy...and slobbery.” She set the puppy down, reaching into her pocket to show a small red collar, with 'Bolt' embroiled onto the medal piece. She smiled, “There...,” after putting on Bolt's collar, she gently pet him. “You're a good boy...” Penny paused, and then put both of her hands on the dogs face affectionately, “You're my good boy.”

Three days before...

“Yes, I know, well you can't expect me to find a home for all of these dogs in that time!” Mrs. Miller desperately tried to convince her landlord in letting her keep her six week old puppy litter her All American shepherd gave birth to a while ago. “...Silver Lake? The one near Port Ave.? Well, it's a long drive from here...I'll be there. Alright. Thank you, goodbye.” She hung up the phone and looked down at the large box that held the sleeping white mother, and her five pups. Each had a different colored collar, mostly because they were all pure white, and it was quite difficult to tell them apart. While Mrs. Miller left the cozy room, one of the puppies popped her head up from the pile of sleeping puppies and looked around. She wore a blank blue collar.
“Area is secure, we are free to roam.” She smiled and looked down, only to be pushed up from the bottom, exposing another puppy, which wore a green collar. He laughed and looked around, too, “Where did you go, sis?” His sister giggled and looked down. “I'm on your head, silly..” Gravity took its toll and both of them fell to the floor, waking up their mother. “What are you two doing? It's nap time, and as I've heard, you and your siblings are going on some kind of road trip, so you will need a lot of rest. Now, please, rest my darlings.” Their mother, which had a beautiful pink collar with diamonds encrusted onto it, had a tag that read 'Molly'. Molly picked up both of her children and place them on the pile of other sleeping puppies. They both smiled, looked at each other, and fell asleep.

The following morning...

The puppies awoke to a car engine, a honk, and the screeching of wheels. They looked up to see a masculine, worn down, German shepherd; their father. He wore a thick 'Police Dog' collar, and under the title was 'Bubba James'. He smiled down at the puppies with his soft brown eyes. He lay down and looked over at a white tail next to him, and laughed under his breath. “Molly, the kids are awake. It's about time you wake up, too.” Molly lazily sat up, and then shook her fur. “I'm awake..oh, darlings. Good morning. I'm afraid...this is the last time you will ever see mommy and daddy..." Bubba James strained his ears and put his paw on Mollys'. “Now now dear,” he said in a soft tone, “Don't make them worry. It's better if they don't know.” Molly looked down, and then rested her head on Bubba James.
“Daddy, mommy, where are we going?” One of the other puppies asked, and tilted her head. “Now sweetie,” Bubba said, “I don't really know. But I'll tell you this, it's only good for you. Me and mommy love you all very, very much. Alright? And don't you forget that.” The driving continued for a couple of hours, and the car finally arrived in front of the Silver Lake Animal Rescue building. Mrs. Miller got out of her car, walked to the back of the car, opened the back, and took the puppies inside the shop. Bubba James and Molly stared out of the cars back window sadly, knowing they would never see the pups again. “Alright, these are the puppies. They are each six weeks old and ready to be adopted.” Mrs. Miller handed the dog cage to the manager, who wore a yellow shirt and khaki pants. “Thank you, Fran. I'll do my best to get these beautiful puppies to good homes.” He waved goodbye to her as she slowly walked out of the shop, looking down a little depressed. “I hope I'm doing to right thing...” She drove off, leaving the puppies to fate.

The following afternoon...

“Alright, Susie! As your first day,” the manager said, “you will take care of these puppies in the back room until tomorrow, okay?” The young blonde woman nodded, looking at the puppies with joy. The manager handed her the cage and left the shop, for it was half past closing time. “You guys are just precious...” Susie took one of the puppies out and played with it, moving her hand around like a little bug. “Hey, sis! This is fun!” The puppy that was playing with Susie was the one from earlier, and he smiled wide, “She's fun to play with!” Susie closed the cage door and walked out of the room with the small puppy, closing the door behind her. “Brother? Brother!” She looked around in the dark, whining along with the rest of the puppies.

(More soon~)
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