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 Mulan fond d’écran
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Mulan wallpaper.
fond d’écran
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Even though I'm not as easily scared as I was when I was younger these 10 Disney Scenes (and characters) still scares me. But they're not in any order except the haut, retour au début 3. I only included scenes from films that I grew up with so I couldn't include Fantasia and The Black Cauldron for those reasons, also only films that are supposed to be for the entire family, to me The Hunchback Of Notre Dame isn't so kid friendly for example

The baleine Chase Scene

Most people thinks The Donkey Transformation is the scariest scene in Pinocchio, but this scene was even scarier to me, at first we just see Monstro...
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I've been planning to make this article for a while but I haven't had the time because of college but better late than never. In my opinion these are the most beautiful Disney Channel girls in my honest opinion. Some might disagree but if toi don't like it toi can make your own liste and put it into an article. Anyway please commentaire but be polite and respectful. Enjoy!

10.Hilary Duff
I know I'll get a lot of hate for this because from what I've gathered she's considered the most beautiful Disney Channel star. Anyway she's absolutely stunning in my opinion. She has beautiful hair, gorgeous...
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Mary Poppins Returns stars Emily Blunt, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Ben Whishaw, Emily Mortimer and Julie Walters, and will arrive in theaters in December 2018.
mary poppins returns
Disney movie
Emily Blunt
This Thanksgiving, experience an all new comedy adventure for the generations. The latest trailer for Disney/Pixar's Coco is here!
Le Roi Lion
The Lion King
Hi everyone, this is my seconde article about The Lion King. Only this time, I'm going to comparing to another non-Disney movie called The Land Before Time. Are toi ready?

The Land Before Time

While watching this movie after so many years, there was a character name Rooter, who ironically is the narrator of the movie. Actually told Littlefoot about the great cercle of Life shortly after the tragic passing of his mother, I thought for a moment that the Lion King a volé, étole this line! But I guess that I was wrong in the end.
Littlefoot's relationship with his mother and grandparents are like those of...
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Hi guys, since I had compare the Phantom of the Opera with Beauty and the Beast earlier on. Here is my comparison on other Disney classic, the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Are toi ready?

The Phantom of the Opera

Okay, as toi know that that both stories are also set in France. It deals with 2 physically deformed titre characters, however unlike Quasimodo, the Phantom (Erik in the original novel) is actually a madman and his obsessive l’amour for Christine who seeks refuge at the Opera House in Paris.
Speaking of poor Erik, he was a combo of Frollo and Quasimodo until the end when Erik felt remorse....
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 Even Disney can't please everyone.
Even Disney can't please everyone.
Well,I bet that titre got your attention!
Let me make something perfectly clear here.I l’amour Disney! I really do,it's a big part of my childhood,and I'm pretty sure it was a big part for everybody's childhood.It's probably the greatest animation company in the world,but it's not perfect.
Like most companies,Disney has its fair-share of things about it that piss me off,on a lot of levels.These things can range from baffling decisions that don't make sense,cancelling great games,movies and shows,or creating things like films ou series that were failures,or anything that make toi ask the question:...
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Moving on from Sandy Cheeks, I've got something plus cool and fun to talk about. I'm sorting Disney characters into Hogwarts houses. I'm starting with the Sensational Six. That includes Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck, marguerite, daisy Duck, and Pluto.

First of all, there's Mickey Mouse. I've put him in Gryffindor for he is adventurous, brave, and heroic. He is the lead figure as well. Gryffindors are a dit to be cool and popular.

Then there's Minnie. I sorted her into Hufflepuff for her sweet, fun personality.

Next, there's Donald Duck. I put him in Slytherin for he is cranky....
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