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I decided to start a series of analyzing the DP Couples in depth (and later, the other Disney Couples) after I got bored one day, and wanted to write a series of articles. toi can recommend me which couple to do suivant in the couples section. So here is how it is going to go. I will first explain my global, ensemble statement about the couples in a paragraph, and then I will analyze each scene to look at the inner and outer feelings of the characters individually an the couple itself.

Here is the first DP Couple Analysis:link
Here is the seconde DP Couple Analysis:link
Here is the third DP Couple Analysis:...
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Some are Non/Disney. Just warning toi :P

14. marina (Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas)
I l’amour Marina, and I l’amour her attitude, although sometimes it's a little much. I like how she went to keep an eye on Sinbad for Proteus, but seriously?! She went on this mission FOR Proteus, to save his freaking life, then she hooks up with Sinbad. I realize that every egotistic (minus Hiccup and a few others) Dreamworks main male character need a l’amour interest, but it still irks me.

13. Ting-Ting (Mulan II)
Ting-Ting and I could be besties (: I like how she knows she must stick to her duty and knows not to start...
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 Here's some Disneyness. Yes, that's a word.
Here's some Disneyness. Yes, that's a word.
I, for one, absolutely adore Disney. My favourite film is a Disney film. My favourite character is a Disney character. My fanart is always Disney fanart. There is not a part of my house that is free from obsession. So I decided to sit down, think it out and finally stress over putting them all in an order - my haut, retour au début 10 favourite Disney movies. This is going to take some definite kicking and screaming, but whatever.
Yes, I swear. Deal with it, because I'm not going to stop doing it. I don't care if toi think it's "wrong" and "limits vocabulary" because that's the biggest piece of fucking bullshit...
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