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 sally, jack skellington, zero, jack and zero, nightmare before christmas, disneyland haunted mansion
sally, jack skellington, zero, jack and zero, nightmare before christmas, disneyland haunted mansion, disneyland haunted mansion halloween, oogie boogie, jack
jack skellington
jack and zero
L’étrange Noël de Monsieur Jack
disneyland haunted mansion
disneyland haunted mansion Halloween
oogie boogie
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Mowgli has a rubbish and annoying voice. Mowgli gets all pain and so does Shanti. Shanti calls Mowgli ugly. Nasty girl! John Goodman as Baloo is also rubbish. All the characters in this film are rubbish except Shere Khan, Kaa and Ranjan's father, the only 3 ones toi can like. Besides, they're not really annoying. But don't tell anybody about this sequel ou they ought to watch it. Mowgli is living in the Man Village with the girl who lured him in, Shanti, his adopted brother Ranjan, and their parents. However, Mowgli longs to return to the fun of the jungle, and after nearly leading the other...
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Warning- there are 3 non-disney characters on here.

20.Clopin (The Hunchback of Notre Dame). This guy is awesome, no other way to say it. When I first saw this I didn't know whether he was a good guy ou bad guy but now I realize he's not really either. He's the narrater of the story. And he's a very funny and quirky one too! Just the perfect guy to narrate such a great movie!

19.Timon & Pumba (The Lion King). This duo needed to be on this list. Their just so much fun! And I wouldn't even dare to seperate them, because I don't think they'd appreciate that. They work fine on their own, but...
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Basically any character that's not an official Disney Princess/Prince, but are heroes/heroines.

5. Simba

Even though I think The Lion King is an overrated Disney Movie I really l’amour Simba. As a child he's very funny and as an adult he's still amazing. I l’amour how he tries to be as Rebelle as his father, but later realises that toi only need to be Rebelle when toi have to be.

4. Faline

From a populaire character to a very underrated character. People says that Faline is only supposed to be Bambi's l’amour interest, but I think she's plus than just that. I l’amour her high energy especially when she's...
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