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First of all,this is a liste I wanted to do a long time il y a but I wasn't in the mood of making it,but now I'm ready and I'll montrer toi guys my haut, retour au début 10 favori Disney Movies.
Second,these are my favorites,these aren't the best,they're just the ones that I l’amour the most.Whether toi like ou hate my choices,remember that these are just my favorites.
Okay that's enough chatter!Let's do this thing!

10.Atlantis The Lost Empire (2001).
While being a huge flop at he box office and it also failed to grab audiences back then,but it turns out that it's not that bad,it's quite good.When I was young,this is one of the Disney films that I watched a lot and I loved it.It has stunning animation,the side characters are all very fun and unique,the premise is pretty interesting,it has a lot of adventure,some really good action scenes and some really good comedy.It is flawed,but I always have a lot of fun when I watch it.

9.The Princess and the Frog (2009).
This is also another Disney movie that I think it's under-appreciated.I do have some problems with it though.The plot is a bit too complicated,the songs are par Randy Newman and I'd be lying if I say that I'm fan of him because I'm definitely not,it just feels like he's chant the same bland song,over and over again,but it is New Orleans so it would make sense to have that kind of music.Most of the songs a pretty bland as well,that is except for two."Almost There" has a very memorable beat to it and I also like Tiana's chant voice,and "Friends on the Other Side" is a great villain song and it's a heck of a lot of fun.Though these are some pretty serious problems but the stuff that is good is really good.The animation is great,the couleurs are great,the main character is great,the Prince is a lot of fun,the side characters are pretty enjoyable,the villain is lot fun.It may not be Beauty and the Beast,but it's still a good movie to watch nonetheless.

8.The Rescuers Down Under (1990).
Again,another Disney movie that is overlooked.I never got why so few people know about this movie,well I guess it's because it was a sequel to a very mediocre movie and even Disney pulled all the advritisments.But in this movie's case,it's the exact opposite,sure it's your typical little mice going on adventure story,except it's made a billion times better.The animation is amazing,the action scenes are great,the suspense is great,the voice jouer la comédie is good,the villain is great,hey it's George C.Scott,it's fun,it's funny,it's just a really good family adventure film.And this is one of the exceptions that a Disney sequel is actually a billion times better than the original.Folks,we gotta turn this around,we have to increase the DVD sales for this movie,it's an epic déplacer that toi won't be forgetting soon.

7.Frozen (2013).
I don't care that this movie is overrated ou hated,I still really like this movie.It does have some serious flaws,but this movie meant a lot to me because I could relate to Elsa because I know how it feels to be misunderstood,to be isolated fro everyone and to have no Friends and the moral of the story.And yes the problems are distracting,but it didn't destroy the film for me,okay it came close.For instance,the story is clumsy because of the plot-holes,most of the side characters aren't that interesting,three of the songs in this movie are pretty bland and don't serve any purpose in the story whatsoever,Hans doesn't make much sense and the King and Queen are freaking morons.But aside form these problems there are some really good stuff in it as well.Anna and Elsa are easy to relate to and have great personalities(though I really wish Elsa had a bit plus screen-time to montrer hers),Olaf is hilarious because of his child like personality and innocence,the animation is amazing,most of the song are really freaking good(well,for me to be honest)especially "Let It Go" it's one of my favorites,though they're not used that well,the opening with Elsa and Anna is freaking adorable,the score par Chris Buck is pretty cool,the ending while kind of rushed is a pretty good ending,it got out of the cliche and I appreciate that,most of side characters while not that interesting can get one ou two good lines here and there,that twist with Hans near the end of the movie was something that I really didn't expect,Kristoff is a pretty decent character,the character designs are memorable,the relationship between the sisters is really good and the visuals are nice to look at,especially during "Let It Go"when Elsa was building her château was my favori moment in the movie.Sure it does have some serious problems,but I can see that they put effort into it,and stuff that I enjoyed,I can't even say how much I enjoyed them.For me,this movie meant so much because out of all the Disney films out there,this is the one I related the most.It's a major guilty pleasure of mine,and one that I'll definitely see again in the future.Again,it may not be Beauty and the Beast ou Sleeping Beauty,but it's still a decent movie in my opinion,it is it's own thing.I just think the movie needed a little plus focus.

6.Tangled (2010).
Well we can all agree that Raiponce is superior to Frozen,but that doesn't mean La Reine des Neiges is bad,it's just that it's not as good as Tangled.In my opinion,the reason why this movie is superior it's because the side characters were much plus enjoyable and the story made a whole lot plus sense.Though there are some problems with it too.One being the voice acting,now don't get me wrong,it's not terrible,it's not even that bad I just can't find myself getting invested in these voices,mostly Rapunzel's and Flynn's.As soon as I heard Rapunzel's voice I said"Oh,that's a celebrity voice,and wouldn't toi know it,it is(Mandy Moore)"and as soon as I heard Flynn's voice,I said"Hey,that sounds like a guy trying to do a thief's voice but not actually a thief".And that's my major problem with this film,as brilliant as the set up is,everything feels like they're trying to convey that traditional Disney film.Sometimes it works but other times,much like Hunchback of Notre Dame,it feels a little forced at times.Like the musical segments,they just sort of come out of nowhere and I don't think it matches the style of the movie.Don't get me wrong,the songs are good songs,especially "I See the Light",it's one of my favorites.Granted I'm not a Randy Newman fan,but it was New Orleans so it made sense to have that kind of music,it matched in the Princess and the Frog.Here,this sort of pop-guitar/broad-way/bill-board hit sound I don't know,it feels a little out of place.And the animation is a bit to bright to me,it is good,but for me,it seemed a bit too lightened.But to be honest,those three are my only problems with it,though the voice jouer la comédie for the main characters is kind of a big problems.Now don't get me wrong,I l’amour Rapunzel,she's feisty,kind,sweet,energetic,adventurous,she's a lot of fun and she loves painting and I also l’amour painting,mostly drawing,I also really like Flynn,but I honestly think it's their voices,everytime they were talking I almost never saw an actual character there,I only saw someone behind a microphone,I just couldn't get as invested.But for all those problems there are still some really good stuff in it,Maximus the horse is one of the best movie chevaux I've seen,the story is brilliant,the set up is pretty good,the animation is good,the main characters are really good(though their voices are kind of distracting),the side characters are a lot of fun and can bring some really good laughs,the songs are good and Mother Gothel is pretty cool too.To me,this movie was a hell of a lot of fun.

5.Fantasia and Sleeping Beauty (1940/1959).
I had a hard time choosing which of these two I l’amour the most so I just put them in the same place.
Riding high with the success of Snow White and Pinocchio,it's interesting that Disney decided to do something 100% different for their third film.Fantasia doesn't have a narrative story.Hell it doesn't have any dialog apart from host,it's just an experiment of taking classical musique and combining it with great Disney animation.It's not one story,it's several stories,and half the time,they're not really stories.The opening is just a collection of abstract imagery that goes along with the music,like what you're mind might be thinking when hearing it the first time.And to be honest,I l’amour the idea,I'm a huge sucker for classical musique and the idea of combining it with great Disney animation is fantastic.My favori segment is "The Night on Bold Mountain" mostly because of Chernabog.It's also the first Disney movie to be much plus for adults.They're like "Hey,this is for adults,this is some of the greatest musique ever made and we worked hard to make it" and they have all my respect for that.

Sleeping Beauty,this movie always astounds me in what a colossal epic and what a colossal mess it is at the same time.First let's look at the good stuff,the artwork for example is a very different take for Disney.The back-rounds never look 3 dimensional but they're not suppose to,it's suppose to be much plus like paintings toi would see in a mid-eval castle,it was a very different approach and it looks very nice though I guess it can be a little distracting for some other viewers,I personally don't mind it.Let's also look at the side characters,the fées are great,they have to hide princess Aurora for 16 years to keep her away from the evil of Maleficent,who again is also freaking great I mean one of the best Disney villains,she's my seconde favori to be exact,it's a villain that's evolved almost entirelly from the voice jouer la comédie and the animation,cause to be fair her motivation is not very strong,she got snubbed at a party that's it,but the extreme she'll go to get revenge,now that's freaking awesome.She's classy,she's despicable,she's loud,she's quiet,she's subtle,she's over the top,she's everything toi want in a villain.I like the 2014 Maleficent too I did feel sorry for her,but the old Maleficent is definitely superior.The musique is also fantastic,taken from one of the best known bales under the same name,it leads to some memorable songs as well as some great climax music,in fact the climax itself is actually one of Disney's best,the energy,the animation,everything that goes into it is just fiery blaze.It's always the best part of the movie when I watch it.Now let's get to the stuff that doesn't work,like the main characters Aurora and Phillip.Good God are they boring,when I think of a stereotypical boring princess,this is who I think of.She does nothing,she has little to no character,she just sings and looks pretty,she is really beautyfull and her chant voice is among one of the best,but her fantaisie stands out from her doing nothing while her true l’amour comes to save the day,I know I must have pissed off a lot of Aurora fans out there,but to me,she's flat like a pancake.And what about Phillip,he's the dashing hero,surely he must be interesting right,actually he's even plus boring,do toi realize that the last he says in this movie is goodbye father and that's about half way through,after that he doesn't get a line,he just runs around swinging his sword,that's it.At least Aurora has an excuse,she's put to sleep for the seconde half.Him?Can we get a grunt ou umf ou something?There's also a lot of filler in this movie and maybe that's maybe one of the reasons why the main characters are so bland,I think this movie really liked it's side characters much more,most of the time they spent with the fairies,the villain,the two kings that really doesn't lead to anything.So it's a very unbalanced film,but again like most Disney films the stuff that works well works really well.The fées are great,the villain is great,the animation is great,that ending fight scene is just freaking fantastic and the musique is memorable.Again,this is another movie that I will definitely see plus times in the future.

4.Wreck-it Ralph (2012).
When I was in the fall of my 6th grade,I saw the trailers for it I knew this movie was going to be awesome,and I was right.Wreck-it Ralph is the Toy Story of video games.What are these characters up to when no-one is playing,you would assume the adorable ones would be nice but no they're freaking jerks.All these video-game poster boys together is like a video-game nerds dream come true and since I am a game nerd(mostly because I'm a sucker for Pokemon)this movie was awesome.I can even relate to Ralph because like I a dit I know how it feels to be misunderstood.If you're a sucker to video games,this is a must's funny,it' emotional,it's a crossover of our favori video-game characters,the villain is pretty cool.To me,this movie is straight up awesome.

3.Big Hero 6 (2014).
Again,another movie that's awesome,mostly because it's the first Disney animated movie to be based on a comic book,that being Big Hero 6 which is owned par Marvel.In the past years we got the Marvel cinematic universe with films like The Avengers and The Amazing Spider-man,and getting the first comic book Disney animated movie is great.The characters are great and have a lot of personality to'em,the animation is amazing,the action is pretty cool,the villain is pretty cool,it's really funny,it has its emotional moments and most importently,it features a cameo par the one and only Stan Lee.That's unbelievable.Huh,first he makes cameos in live action,now he makes cameos in animation,can't stop the guy.If you're into comic livres like me,then this is a must watch.

2.Beauty and the Beast (1991).
This is my favori childhood film,when I was young,this was my favori Disney movie,and it still is one of my favoris as a teenager.Why,because everything is done perfect,the main character is perfect,the villain is perfect,the romance is perfect,the songs are perfect,even the design of the château look at that thing,it's like something out of The Haunting,it's just freaking incredible.I can even relate to Belle because I know how it feels to be mocked par everyone but I don't care what they're going to say and mind your own business.If I have to pick one problem with it though then I definitely have to choose the design of the human version of the Beast.The animators say that no matter what they put there,the people wouldn't have been happy because they fell in l’amour with the Beast not this guy.And I can sympathize with that,but I don't know if they put Eric ou Aladin ou something I don't think anyone would complaint.Plus,people fell in l’amour with the Beast because toi called him beast,what's his real name,did she just kept calling him beast after he transformed?Ah well,it's a nitpick.Do I even have to say what's good about this movie?You all know these characters,you all know these songs,you all know how great the animation is,it's just a flawless film,as I get older and older,it only get's better and better.In my opinion,it's the pure Disney magic done to the absolute best.Though it's only my 2nd favori because I have one movie that I l’amour a bit more.

1.The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996).
Well if Disney wanted to balance back some of the disappointments brought par Pocahontas,then Hunchback wasn't the best way to go.A story well known and famously dark and twisted as Hunchback is probably not the best way to get a general audience coming back to you,and I'm sure when Pocahontas was done,Hunchback was already half done and they probably went with what they got.And for what they got,honestly I really l’amour this one.Not only is it my favori Disney movie of all time,but it's one of my favori films period.But let's look at the stuff that doesn't work,for instance,the relationship between Phoebus and Esmeralda is not very interesting,they just sort of crack one liners at each-other,but they do set aside time to fall in l’amour with each-other,they don't just meet and suddenly their together.The explanation of the Gypsies especially for a kid I think is very complicated,if toi had no idea what a gypsy is than this will probably confuse toi more.Esmeralda says that they're not all thieves but they find The Court of Miracles where they a volé, étole all their stuff.I guess this kind of shows the complication of the gypsies,but I don't know I think it will confuse kids more.Let's talk about the Gargoyles,God I hate these guys,not only are they annoying,but:1.How dare they make Jason Alexander not funny?Shame on them.2.The moral of the story is not to judge souley par apperences and yet that's constantly what they're doing,again,a bit of a mixed message.3.As annoying as they are,I would give the movie credit if they were imaginary,like it was all in Quasimodo's mind,that's a great idea,I would honestly tolerate of that's what's going on,what a tragic but also creative way to get toi r comic relief in,but no,they're real,they help fight the guard,they're helping him save the day,they just come to life,I won't question why,it's Disney magic,but come on toi can make these guys a lot less obnoxious.Okay,those were all my bad stuff,now let's look at the good stuff,because honestly,there's a ton.Let's look at what everyone remembers the villain.Oh Frollo is such a badass awesome villain,he's my No.1 favori Disney villain to be honest.He does all the dastardly things things that a lot of the other Disney villains too but the actually make him complex too.He tries to convince himself that he's a soldier for God and yet he's constantly doing horrible,but he tries to justify it every single time,I l’amour it that's a great character and Tony geai, jay did a amazing performance.Quasimodo is also very likeable,there's just such a kindness to him,such a softness and I can relate to that because I'm also kind,soft and caring,most of the time.And even though his chant voice isn't technically that great,there's just such a passion to it,that toi don't care,it sounds wonderful.Esmeralda is my favori non-princess Disney female character,she's not your typical damsel in distress and her song "God Help the Outcasts"is one of my favorites.The Gargoyles while annoying can get some really good lines and can get a few giggles here and there.Phoebus is a pretty decent character.Clopin is a lot of fun.The animation is stunning.The songs are different,for the most part,you have toi cœur, coeur felt song(Out There),you have your comedy song(Topsy Turvy),but then toi have the "Hellfire" song and "The Bells of Notre Dame" song.This is what comédies musicales are suppose to do,tell toi how the person is feeling and also explain the story in musical form.That's the purpose of a musical and toi know what,they do it great here.That choir is awesome,it makes everything seem so much plus gigantic.And speaking of which,the film is gigantic,I mean look at that,it's just huge.For all the problems that the movie has toi can see why they made it,Notre Dame looks unbelievable,the shadows,the colors,the angles.Much like Bambi,the sheire look of this film makes everything seem so grander and much plus important.And give the movie credit,for Disney this was very ballsy(sorry for my language).It's not necesserly going after the church because let's face they never gonna get away with that.But it is sort of touching on issues of faith and good,heaven and hell.God even lust,the scene where an old man sniffs a young woman's hair,I couldn't believe I as watching that.This is a Disney flick?Sex is especially a big no no in Disney and seeing some of this imaginary come out was really kind of shocking.But I never thought they went to far with it,it fit.Kids can see the good and thoughtful loving relationships,but they can also see the bad in the mindless vengeful lust.And there's also the issue of heartbreak,the main character doesn't get the woman,yeah I don't think I'm giving anything when I say that.but at the same time he's accepted among the crowd and is able to start a new life.Ad Disney films go,is quite possibly the darkest and probably took the most risks.And for the most part it pays off.The changes to the story I actually don't mind so much because for the most part it does flow pretty well.At times it's a little clunky,but again it is a very hard adaptation to pull off.In fact I'm pretty amazed that they pulled it off as well as they did.I know technically if I'm a character and a story telling point of view,it's not the strongest,and for Disney to fully make a version like this work they either had to be plus simpler ou just go balls out and tell the entire story,you know,screw the kids.But toi know,that's not gonna happen,the same way toi know they're not gonna kill Ariel in The Little Mermaid.So personally,I really l’amour this one,it's my all time favorite.I don't care if it's clunky,I don't care if it has problems,the stuff that works really well,works unbelievably well and it sticks with you.For what it is,it's a personal favorite.It took chances and had a lot of effort put into it,I've seen it a million times and I'll probably see it a million more.
So there toi have it folks,my haut, retour au début 10 favori Disney Movies".Again,if toi don't like some of the films I put here,remember that these are MY personal favorites.If toi like it,please leave a commentaire a below to montrer me what toi think of it.
As usual.Smell ya later!