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A few days after returning from the camping trip Scrooge sat the lit of one of the downstairs guest rooms of McDuck mansion. He had taken up residence there, because he did not want to waste his hard earned money on a stair lift, especially for something like a temporary injury. He sat in the guest lit with his severely broken leg in a full leg cast and elevated, trying work on his laptop.

Scrooge was trying desperately to catch up on his work, which had fallen behind a bit because of the trip. Having missed a few days of work and fearing that his injury would put him even plus behind; it was needless to say that Scrooge was not in a particularly good mood that day. Also having been told par the doctors that he that he would be unable to walk ou swim in his money bin for up six weeks didn’t help to improve his mood.

While Scrooge tried to concentrate on his work his mind wandered, at first all he could think were angry thoughts about how he wasn’t as tough as he once was and had started to lose his edge. He told himself that if he continued like this Glomgold would probably get the best of him soon.

Then he began to think about Webby, who was staying with Minnie while his leg healed. He was feeling very lonely in her absence. He began to study a photo of her on the nightstand and think about how much he missed her just in this short period of time.

While he looked at the photo, he thought how he had gone to the camp-out with an intent to protect Webby, but didn’t want to admit that was his reason. But, it turned out she needed much plus protection than he had thought she might. He smiled as he looked at the photo and thought that he was glad he had gone, because it was clear to him that his wee Webbigail still needed her Uncle Scrooge.

Meanwhile Minnie, closely followed par marguerite, daisy and Judy, was driving through the wealthy neighborhood of Duckburg, on her way to Scrooge’s home. The back seats of the three vehicles were filled with excited members of the mésange, mésange à tête troop, including Webby. Several of the girls had their noses pressed against the windows, admiring all large homes as they drove through the neighborhood.

When they reached McDuck mansion and got out the little girls all stood in awe of the huge home, “Wow! It looks just like a château from a fairytale!” Millie a dit as she stared in amazement.

“Yeah it does!” a dit Melody, “Aunt Minnie, toi didn’t tell us that Mr. Scrooge lives in a castle.”

“It’s not a château silly,” a dit Webby.

Minnie laughed, “No, it’s not a château girls it’s a mansion, a type of large accueil that wealthy people own.”

“Oh, okay. But I think château sounds cooler,” replied Melody.

The large group made their way up to the door, after Minnie knocked it was answered par Duckworth. “Hello Duckworth, is Uncle Scrooge feeling well enough that we can see him?’ Minnie asked.

Before Duckworth could say anything Judy saw him and pushed through the crowd of girls, to get to him, “Oh, Duckworth, I thought I’d never see toi again it’s been too long,” she a dit she as hugged him.

“Um… it’s only been two days Mrs. Quackmore, I’d hardly call that long,” he said, as he gentle pushed her away, then turned to Minnie, “Yes, I believe Mr. McDuck is feeling well enough for company. And if toi ask me, it would likely do him some good. He hasn’t been in the best of moods today.” Then saw Webby in the group, “Oh and Miss Webbigail I believe he especially wishes to see you.”

While Scrooge sat in bed, continuing to check on the profit reports of his many businesses, there came a knock at the door. Feeling a bit startled, he jumped, “Um… what is it? I’m very busy ye know,” he snapped feeling a little irritated about being interrupted.

Duckworth opened the door a crack, “There are some people here who would like to see you, sir,” he said.

Scrooge looked up from his laptop, and replied coolly, “Well, if it’s any those annoying sales people who want me to install a chairlift ou turn me tub into a walk-in shower, because of a six week injury, then toi know what me answer is,” then grumbled, “And as ye can see I’m busy so if there’s nothing further, please leave me alone so I can finish me work.”

Then Webby spoke up, “It’s just us Uncle Scrooge!”

“Webbigail?! I just thinking about ye!” he said, feeling very surprised.

“Yup only it’s not just me!” Webby replied, “It’s my whole mésange, mésange à tête troop!”

Then Duckworth opened the door completely, and there stood the fifteen little girls, Minnie, Daisy, and Judy. “Um…what are all of ye lassies doing here?” Scrooge asked feeling a bit confused and bewildered.

Minnie feeling a little awkward about bringing this many uninvited people to her friend’s home, even if it was a huge mansion, spoke up, “Um… toi see Uncle Scrooge, they have something they want to give you. I offered to bring it par myself, but they insisted on giving it to toi in person.” Then she motioned to Webby, “Go ahead sweetie,” she whispered.

Webby nodded to her. Then she pulled out a piece of paper, got up on a chair and began to read, “Uncle Scrooge, the mésange, mésange à tête troop would like to thank toi for everything you’ve done. Of course for saving us and the Jr. Woodchucks from Mr. Glomgold and the beagle Boys. But also for smaller things like letting us use your cabin. We also want say not to worry about your cabin. Mr. Glomgold is paying to rebuild it and the Chickadees’ cabins too, using McDuck Construction of course. And we would also like to say, that once you’re feeling better we’d like to come and help toi harvest the or that was found on your property, so that we can earn our ‘mining’ patches of course. So to montrer our thanks we would like to give toi this,” she a dit then motioned to Millie and Melody.

The two girls saw Webby’s signal and came over to the bed. Together they were carrying what appeared to be a huge card made out of rose construction paper. “Here toi go Mr. Scrooge. We all made this for you,” a dit Melody as she handed it to him.

“I suggested we do the letters in or ‘cause I remember toi saying it was your favori color,” Millie added.

Scrooge took the handmade card from them, and could not help but smile when he saw the all girly decorations that graced the front. Along with the other décor there were big or glitter letters, which read, “GET WELL SOON MR. SCROOGE!” When he opened it he saw that each mésange, mésange à tête had signed it.

He stared at it for several minutes not knowing what to say. Finally Webby asked, “So Uncle Scrooge what do toi think of it?”

Still not knowing exactly what to say, he stammered, “W-w-what do I think of it? I think it’s lovely darling.”

“Yay! I knew you’d like it!” Webby exclaimed and ran over to hug him.

“Aye, I l’amour it,” he a dit as hugged her, “And I also must complement ye on that marvelous speech ye gave. Also I believe I need point out that the wee Chickadees were all very Rebelle too, especially me darling wee Webbigail.”

Then marguerite, daisy spoke up, “Oh Uncle Scrooge, I almost forgot I have something for toi too!” she a dit as rushed over to the lit and handed him something.

When he looked at the item he had been handed he saw that it was the latest gossip magazine, “Um…why on earth would I want yer ridiculous gossip magazine, Daisy?” he asked feeling confused.

“Well duh! Read the cover!” she a dit haughtily.

Scrooge reluctantly began to scan the cover of the magazine. But marguerite, daisy grew impatient and took it from him, “See!” she a dit pointing to the corner, “It says right there, ‘World’s Richest Duck, Saves Scouts!’” then handed it back to him. “Uncle Scrooge toi made the cover of the gossip magazine, that’s like the ultimate honor!”

“Oh well gee…thank ye Daisy, I think,” Scrooge replied awkwardly.

Then Judy, who had been keeping an eye on the time, said, “Sorry girls, but I think it’s time to go.”

The little girls, who were not ready to leave, reluctantly started out the door of the bedroom. “Just a moment,” Scrooge said, “Before ye all leave I would like to thank the wee lasses for the bonny card they made for me, it really made me day!”

The Chickadees, who were happy their card had gone over well, all began to cheer. Minnie laughed, “Well I’m glad to know toi like it, because they worked very hard on it, and were eager to give it to you.”

Before the troop left he called, “Minnie remember to take good care of me wee Webbigail.”

“Of course Uncle Scrooge, I’ll care for her like she was my own,” she replied, then gave him a Kiss on the cheek.

“Don’t worry about me Uncle Scrooge,” a dit Webby also giving him a kiss, then the troop left.

After they left Scrooge took out his laptop and started to work some more, but he soon realized that he was exhausted. So he quickly decided that it would be better if he didn’t try to work while he was this tired, even if he did have some catching up to do. So he closed the computer and set it on the nightstand.

When he put the laptop on the stand he notice the get-well card sitting there also. Smiling he picked it up and looked at it. Then he opened it began to read some of the things the Chickadee’s wrote inside:

“Dear Mr. McDuck, Thank toi for letting us use your cabin. I had a great time, it was definitely the most exciting camping trip I’ve been on. –Julie Duckson.”

“Dear Mr. Scrooge, I hope toi feel better soon, thank toi for letting the Chickadees use your cabin. –Sally Quackworth.”

“Dear Mr. McDuck, I owe toi an apology, I had toi pegged all wrong. I don’t think can thank toi enough for risking your life to protect the girls like toi did. Even though it is very untraditional to have male chaperones, I’d like to ask toi to chaperone again. –Judy Quackmore P.S. bring Duckworth.”

“Dear Uncle Scrooge, I’d to like thank toi for everything you’ve done for me, Mickey, my nieces and the whole mésange, mésange à tête troop, and I hope you’re feeling much better soon, -your loving friend Minnie”

As Scrooge read the get-well card his eyelids grew heavier and heavier, until he couldn’t stay awake any longer, and finally he fell asleep holding the card against his chest. Just before going to sleep he thought again how happy he was that he had gone on the camping trip, and decided that he would likely continue to chaperone for the Chickadees. Because there was, of course, a chance that he’d find or ou treasure again. But plus importantly it was clear to him that Webby still needed her Uncle Scrooge, even though she was growing into quiet the Rebelle lassie she still needed him. Once he was asleep, he slept for a very long time. No one knew quite how long he slept, but what everyone did know is that it was a well-deserved rest.
 the card
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Aladin is 20 years old on the 25th November which means it will become a real classic. Aladdin, a rue urchin, accidentally meets Princess Jasmine, who is in the city undercover. They l’amour each other, but she can only marry a prince. Aladin is a 1992 American animated musical family film produced par Walt Disney Feature animation and released par Walt Disney Pictures. Aladin was the 31st animated feature in the Walt Disney Animated Classics series, and was part of the Disney film era known as the Disney Renaissance. The film was directed par John Musker and Ron Clements, and is based on the...
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I don't know how to do the whole image thing. Sorry! ^^
First Artical, I hope its good.

#10: The Twins. (Cinderella.)
Good Things: Richness. Bout it.
Bad Things: Mean. Power Crazy. Wierd.
These two are just the most wierd. But ugly too. So they are #10.

#9: Hades. (Hercules)
Good Things: God of the underworld(In the movie).
Bad Things: Is Death itself. Threatens WAY too many people.
He has feu for hair. He hate HURCULES! :O He loves DEATH.

#8: Old Witch. (Form 2) (?Sleeping Beauty?)
Good Things: Im leaving this blank. :O Wait it has stuff in it now!
Bad Things: Evil, Poison's pretty girls, has a talking...
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50th tribute for the 50th Disney movie'TANGLED'
walt Disney