Princesses Disney Which liste do toi like, the one I came to fanpop, then one I wrote article about ou the one I have now (possibly, I'm not sure about it yet.)

Pick one:
First one1.Mulan 2.Jasmine 3.Tia 4.Cindy 5.Ariel. 6.Belle7.Snow 8.Poca 9.Aurora
seconde one 1.Mulan 2.Jas. 3.Cindy 4.Tia. 5.Snow 6.Ariel 7.Belle 8.Aurora 9.Poca
Third one 1.Mulan 2.Jasmine 3.Cindy 4.Snow 5.Tia 6.Belle 7.Aurora 8.Ariel 9.poca
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