Princesses Disney Which scene was the most romantic

Pick one:
Snow White & the Prince "One Song"
Snow White's Kiss
Briar Rose & Phillip "Once Upon A Dream"
Princess Aurora's Kiss
Cendrillon & Prince Charming "So This Is Love"
Cinderella's Happy Ending
Ariel & Eric "Kiss the Girl"
Ariel's Happy Ending
Belle & the Beast "Beauty and the Beast"
Belle's Happy Ending
Princess jasmin & Aladin "A Whole New World"
Princess jasmin & Aladdin's Balcony Kiss
Princess Jasmine's Happy Ending
Pocahontas & John Smith's Kiss in the tent
Pocahontas saying goodbye to John Smith
Mulan's Happy Ending
Pocahontas and John's first Kiss (before everything got crazy)
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