Princesses Disney Aléatoire Opinions, Which One Do Toi Agree With More?

Pick one:
I like Snow White's voice
I like the cat and mice scenes in Cendrillon
Il était une fois Tales should have had Aurora's story be about her with her family
I think it's weird no one seems to care about the creatures in Ursula's lair
I prefer remake Belle over original Belle
It's really screwed up jasmin is seen as a sl*t
John Smith's chant voice wasn't that good
Mulan's voice actor wasn't that good
Working hard to make your dreams come true is a good lesson
Raiponce is one of the best films in the Revival Era
Fergus is one of the best Disney dads
La Reine des Neiges is a good movie it's just overhyped
The kakamora scene was pointless
 BB2010 posted il y a 3 mois
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