Princesses Disney Which Disney princess dress do toi like the least ?

Pick one:
Cinderella&# 39; s dress for the bal
Cinderella's dress for the bal
aurora&# 39; s dress ( blue and pink)
aurora's dress ( blue and pink)
ariel&# 39; s rose dress
ariel's rose dress
jasmine&# 39; s blue outfit
jasmine's blue outfit
Rapunzel&# 39; s dress
Rapunzel's dress
mulan&# 39; s dress
mulan's dress
tiana&# 39; s green dress
tiana's green dress
belle&# 39; s yellow dress
belle's yellow dress
pochaontas&# 39; s dress
pochaontas's dress
merida&# 39; s dress
merida's dress
snow white&# 39; s dress
snow white's dress
 magicworld_88 posted il y a 9 mois
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