Princesses Disney TRIGGER WARNING: MURDER- One of the princesses wants to murder you. Who would toi least want to be murdered par with her weapon?

Pick one:
Snow White, she'd force a poison pomme down your throat
Cinderella, she'd smash a citrouille on your head
Aurora, she'd pierce toi with a spindle
Ariel, she'd stab toi with a dinglehopper
Belle, she'd feed toi to the loups
Jasmine, she'd let Rajah rip toi to bits
Pocahontas, she'd push toi off a cliff
Mulan, she'd slice toi with her swords
Tiana, she'd cook toi into one of her dishes
Rapunzel, she would strangle toi with her hair
Merida, she'd shoot toi with arrows
 princesslullaby posted il y a plus d’un an
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